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KO Skyjack and Space Case

When I ocasionally visited a Family Dollar store, I ran across a package of two robot figures. They caught my eyes (and also my
right hand to grab them) not just because they are KO Transformers but also the whole pack costs only 3 bucks. Since I don't
own the original G2 and the repaint Universe version, I cannot compare them with the original but have to judge them by the
current quality.
Skyjack's alternate mode is a F-117 jet. It is a real realistic looking jet except the ugly hook thing on the tail destroys everything.
Whose idea I don't know, but this is just terrible. The front landing gear can be lowered but not the two rear landing gears (which
I know the original one can). The stickers on him are okay but they don't stick very well. I bet pretty soon they will come off. It's
actually very nice his cockpit window is in clear plastic. Not just painted it over like Space Case.
After a shaky transformation, Skyjack turns to a shaky robot. He has no right hand but that ugly hook. The missile (another one
to share with Space Case) can be attached to both hands. He is quite poseable and his balance is okay but the stick foot does
not help much on some difficult poses. The back does not attach to the body tight enough so it makes his limbs more difficult
to move around.
Space Case
Space Case's alternate mode is a jet, a jet so much like VF-17 but cannot do the gerwalk mode. Same like Skyjack, the front
landing gear can be lower but not the rear leadning gears. But here are some bigger issues. Without the rear landing gears, the
bottom missile launcher actually touches the ground causing him unbalance and makes him harder to display in jet mode.
Also unlike Skyjack, the cockpit window just painted blue without using clear plastic.
His robot mode problems are pretty much same like Skyjack. The back does not attach well and the quality sacrifices some
of his highly poseable features. The stickers are okay but they will come off pretty soon. Yeah, he has only one missile, too.
The other one has to share with Skyjack.
Transformation: 3 - Generally not difficult and well thought except the hook. For making it difficult is the product quality.
Fun: 7 - Fun enough in both modes but the robot mode has to suffer from the quality.
Value: 9 - Only $1.5 each, you get a meaningful jet and robot.
Overall: 6 - For a KO toy, they are actually pretty good. I might think removing all the stickers and either put my owns on or
just repaint them. Don't know how long the plastic quality can survive but for now they are pretty good KO figures.