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MT Giant Type-61 (Devastator)

I really don’t know how to start this review. Probably the most lengthy review I’ve ever had. Let me start with this, raise your hand if you are a Transformers fan (especially G1) and don’t want a Devastator toy…………………………………… Okay, nobody. Good, now we can talk. Devastator is the first G1 combiner appeared in the end of season 1. What makes him different and special is there are 6 members in this team instead of 5 members like all other combiners that came out later. The sheer power he has in the beginning was so powerful that no Autobots had any ways to handle that, even Dinobots. So why not have him so he can crush my Autobots. Well, I cannot find one and don’t see the one I want.

For classics-ish G1 Devastator, the first choice is G1 Devastator. But either his aesthetics or articulations doesn’t quite fit today’s standard. Then it’s the Energon/Classics Devastator. The big problem for it is there are only 5 members and either the individual mode or the combine mode is rubbish. So after seeing and owning the magic that FP has done to the other two rubbish toys Hasbro made (Bruticus and Superion), I keep my hope on third companies to fulfill this dream for me. Nope, not Hasbro, sorry. Last year in 2011, two third companies announced their making of combiner – Devastator. It certainly excited fans like me and even better, I have choices. So here, we have TFC Hercules and MakeToys Giant. Herc has been crossed out from my list pretty quick. First is the cost. It’s way too expensive to get them all (roughly $600). Second is the size. Each figure is about the voyager class size and the combined mode is too tall to fit in with my universe. Then MakeToys Giant. Price is very reasonable (around $355) and size is just slightly taller than FP Bruticus. Perfect! The only problem is the color. It’s the G2 color which is yellow. While I felt kind of disappointed but still decided to go with it and prepared for my first third party product repaint, the good news came out later that there will be a green repaint gift set. This news is almost like a July 4th fireworks although the new head is kind of strange initially but the original yellow version head is included so I’m cool with that. As soon as the pre-order was available, I immediately ordered it from BBTS. But the problem is, $355 is still a lot of money. So I started my Devastator fund by selling quite a few figures that don’t mean much to me now and then they were pretty close to the cost.

Now time went by and I finally received it. I was so excited by this set even by just holding the box. The box is huge and beautiful and all 6 sides were printed with high quality images. After I opened it, the inner packaging is amazing as well that they even looks cool in the plastic bubble. Instruction is all in Japanese and the print is very high quality. Overall, even the package already makes me feel money worth spent. Although MakeToys gave their individual names by the vehicle type, I am going to ignore them and call them by what they really are in G1. So here we go for the individual Constructicons review: Bonecrusher, Hook, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scavenger, and Scrapper. And as you can see, I’m going to use RTS deluxe class Jazz for size comparison.

Bonecrusher Hook Long Haul Mixmaster Scavenger Scrapper

(Drum rolling sound effect……….) Now ladies and gentlemen, the moment you have been waiting for is finally here. There! Introducing, Devastatoooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! (Cheering and clapping sound effect………….) Yes. This is pretty much my feeling when I’m about to combine them all in to Devastator. Transformations from each bots are quite simple. The most efforts only go to the two least figures I like, Long Haul (lower torso) and Scrapper (right leg). All others are pretty straight forward. And after combining, the gestalt mode is really stunning and I’m quite speechless for quite a while. Yes, Devastator is that awesome.

Let me start from his size. From head to head, Devastator is slightly taller than Bruticus with FP upgrade. This is very satisfying since that’s the scale I’m looking for to fit with my universe. While Bruticus is somewhat slim, Devastator has much more body mass and looks much bulkier. He is very heavy but the weight distribution is really well done. And since every single thing is connected tightly, holding him in hand does not feel like shaking a puppet.

Before talking about the articulations, I need to mention an extra piece from this gift set. It’s the head. The original head from the yellow version is perfect. It looks good and nothing wrong. In the green set, MakeToys provided us with an extra head. The one many people hated about, including me initially. In the early prototype images when MakeToys showed us the new head, I was really struck by the look of it. Not just weird, but ugly too. I was even afraid of if they will only offer this one even though I’m still determined to buy it. Later on I was really relieved when MakeToys announced the original head will be included. But after more and more product pictures were shown, somehow this head grew in me more and more. Probably still don’t like it very much but also don’t care since I have the option to switch back. Now since I have it in hand, to be honest, I love it. The new head is slightly bigger than the original one, which actually fits the whole bulky body better. He now has eyes but there is a visor that can slide down. More so is an articulated mouth. Yes, an articulated mouth! I think this is the most one that struck people including me. Yes, that mouth may make him look like nutcracker or Scarface but after really playing it, it’s awesome. And if you look at the entire head in general, the shape is even closer to the G1 design. Only thing needs to do is paint the forehead silver and it’s perfect. I had switched back to the original head but after viewing for a while, I like this one more. Not mentioning in the instruction but the two faces are switchable. I didn’t do that since it doesn’t really matter plus not that simple, the new head is fine and I like this new head.

Now to the articulations. They are excellent, for this kind of size. Head is on ball joint; major limb joints are ratchet joints; arms, wrist, waist, thighs can rotate; and he has ankle ball joints. Each finger is articulated but no middle joints like Bruticus has which is slightly disappointing. The articulations are just so satisfying and Devastator has excellent balance. People are worried the shoulder cannot move much due to the treads, but they move well. There is an extra joint on the connector rod that if I pull, I can pull Bonecrusher and Scavenger away from the body and that creates enough room for the arm to rotate and swing. The arms can just pose freely, pretty much everything I want to. Moving down to lower body. Legs cannot really split too wide due to the wheels on the hip but that doesn’t worry me much. Knees can bend to 90 degrees which is excellent. Only concern I have is the ankle ball joint. So far they are tight but I don’t know for how much longer they can hold the entire body weight. Well, at least I don’t have to worry about it now until they become loose, and I know how to fix it.

Weapons and accessories. The gun he has is the combined weapons from each individual bots weapons (or I should say the other way around). It looks very nice and size is very satisfying. The handles slides into the slot in the hands so I don’t need to worry about weapon dropping from his hands. For this green set only, there are two screwdrivers. They can be stored on his back and can put on his arms with hands folding inside. Not super cool or exciting but gives this set more play values. The last one is a big one and also for this green set only. From the instruction it is called “Giga Wrench”. It’s basically the crane combining with the separated guns. Yes, the crane is now removable in this green set. This wrench is really huge and long. The length is about the same height as Devastator and it is heavy. To me, it isn’t really that practical for Devastator to swing around but still looks like something that can bring mass destruction. I wouldn’t say it is amazingly cool, but it is a very nice after thought modification from existing parts.

Overall, this set amazed me so much. And I haven’t had this kind of toy hype for long. There are many criticisms about this set out there on the forums. Majority of them are on the individual robot mode. If you line up the vehicles, they are about the same size. But if you line up the robots, they all have different heights. And while their vehicle modes are quite G1-ish, their robot modes are really not. Well, I’m not that picky trying to compare them toe to toe. If I do, why do I want those newly designed figures and create my own universe? To me, this set is perfect. I want a new G1 style Devastator, check; I want his size not too huge and fit well with my universe, check; I want him affordable, check; I want a high quality toy worth for how much I paid, check. All my needs were fulfilled by this Green Giant set and I’m very happy with it. And I enjoy the Constructicons individually very much also.

Transformation: 10 – Transformation to combined mode is fairly easy and everything connects tightly. Still, Scrapper’s wheel rotating scares me.
Fun: 10 – A very poseable huge combined robot. Does that sound fun?
Display: 10 – Every little flaws in each individual robots paid out in this combined mode. Devastator just looks amazing.
Value: 8 – $355.99 plus $10.99 shipping. This really depends. I don’t have disposable income but I have been preparing and saving money for this guy for a while, so I didn’t really feel that bad when I ordered this set. Plus he is that good that made me feel my money worth spent.
Overall: 10 – Although expensive, this set is well worth the purchase if you have the money. I’m very satisfied with this set. The play value is high and aesthetics is top notch that I have nothing to picky about. Although there are still rooms for improvement and the instruction wasn’t that 100% helpful and accurate, I’m very happy and satisfied for what MakeToys provided us.