Welcome to my Transformers fan collection site which contains my TF toy reviews and pictures. Please note the reviews are based on my POV if you do not agree with me at some points. Also please bear with me if I said something wrong due to my limited knowledge. Please leave me any comments/suggestion/feedbacks at pttransformers@gmail.com (please no spam). I would love to hear from you. Thank you for browsing and enjoy. 

Site news:
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8/2/18 - Added Power of the Primes Battletrap. Yes, I'm too lazy doing Battleslash and Roadtrap individually.

7/13/18 - Added Titans Return Trypticon.

6/25/18 - Added Power of the Primes Beachcomber.

4/18/18 - Added Titans Return Windblade.

3/29/18 - Added Titans Return Overlord.

3/28/18 - Added Titans Return Slugslinger.

3/20/18 - Added MP Soundwave. Not entirely my review.

1/10/18 - Added UT Soundmixer a.k.a. Blaster.

12/14/17 - Added Titans Return Misfire.

12/7/17 - Added Titans Return Topspin and Twin Twist.

12/1/17 - Added Titans Return Seaspray.

11/2/17 - Added Titans Return Sky Shadow.

10/25/17 - Added MP Road Rage.

10/11/17 - Added Titans Return Triggerhappy.

10/8/17 - Added Titans Return Octane.

9/18/17 - Added Titans Return Fortress Maximus.

8/2/17 - Added Titans Return Broadside.

7/26/17 - Added Gentei Strafe.

7/19/17 - Added Titans Return Kickback.

7/6/17 - Added Titans Return Gnaw.

6/22/17 - Added MP Exhaust.

6/5/17 - Added Titans Return Mindwipe.

6/1/17 - Added Titans Return Wheelie.

1/23/17 - Added Combiner Wars Blackjack.

1/4/17 - Added Titans Return Rewind.

12/13/16 - Added MP Hot Rod.

10/2/16 - Added MP Bluestreak.

9/2/16 - Added Titans Return Hardhead.

8/25/16 - Added MP Bumblebee/Cliffjumper.

8/11/16 - Added Titans Return Skullsmasher.

7/8/16 - Added MP Sideswipe. Yes, with pictures!

5/24/16 - Added Combiner Wars Sky Lynx.

5/4/16 - Added custom Smokescreen.

5/4/16 - Added Combiner Wars Smokescreen.

4/18/16 - Added Combiner Wars Menasor.

3/27/16 - Added Combiner Wars Dead End.

3/21/16 - Added Combiner Wars Motormaster.

3/18/16 - Added Combiner Wars Breakdown.

3/14/16 - Added Metal Soundwave.

3/13/16 - Added Combiner Wars Drag Strip and Offroad. Sorry, still no pictures.

3/10/16 - Added Generations Bombshell. No pictures yet.

9/21/15 - Added Generations Powerglide.

7/23/15 - Added Generations Huffer.

7/22/15 - Added Generations Brainstorm.

6/25/15 - Added Generations Windblade.

6/24/15 - Added Generations Chromia.

5/19/15 - Added AOE Grimlock, Snarl, and Strafe for my son.

4/24/15 - Added Generations Jhiaxus.

4/22/15 - Added Generations Arcee.

4/16/15 - Added Generations Skids and Nightbeat.

4/15/15 - I'm changing my review style to simplify it due to my lack of time. Hope you still like and support me. Added Generations Gears.

1/5/15 - Finally done. MMC Feral Rex, a.k.a. Predaking.

12/26/14 - Added cumtom Elita One.

12/23/14 - Finally complete. MMC Tigris, a.k.a. Rampage. Predaking is up next.

12/10/14 - Added AOE Rusty Optimus Prime.

11/19/14 - Added AOE Drift for my son.

11/17/14 - Added AOE Slug for my son.

11/10/14 - Added AOE Scorn for my son.

10/30/14 - Added AOE Lockdown for my son.

10/29/14 - Added AOE Galvatron for my son.

10/24/14 - Added MMC Talon, a.k.a. Divebomb.

10/14/14 - Added Generations Roadbuster.

9/30/14 - Added Generations Whirl.

9/23/14 - It's getting closer and closer to complete. Added MMC Leo Dux, a.k.a. Razorclaw.

8/28/14 - Added Generations Cosmos, Swerve, and Shrapnel.

8/18/14 - Added Generations Tailgate.

7/30/14 - Added PE Bludgeon weapon upgrade set.

6/25/14 - There it is! Nexus Prime.

6/23/14 - Project Nexus #5, Heatwave. Project done! Nexus Prime will be posted soon.

6/5/14 - Added Generations Dreadwing.

6/3/14 - Project Nexus #4, Breakaway.

6/2/14 - Added Prime Beast Fire Predaking for my son.

5/28/14 - Added Prime Air Vehicon for my son.

5/23/14 - Added theme park ride Evac for my son.

5/16/14 - Project Nexus #3, Landquake.

5/2/14 - Added another members of 3rd party Predacons, Headstrong (Fortis).

4/22/14 - Project Nexus #2, Skyfall.

4/4/14 - Project Nexus #1, Topspin.

3/28/14 - Finally, a new toy review. Added Generations Sandstorm.

3/5/14 - Isn't it sad that there are no new toys for me to review for the entire month of February? :( So I decided to put this one in first. Who knows when I will get the whole team of Predaking. Here, Predacons Tantrum (Bovis).

1/20/14 - Added Generations Hoist.

1/17/14 - Added PCC Steamhammer for my son.

1/14/14 - Added Prime Airachnid and Hardshell for my son.

1/7/14 - Added Prime Darksteel for my son.

12/30/13 - My last custom of the year, Acid Storm.

12/18/13 - Added Generations/FOC Thundercracker.

12/12/13 - Hard to imagine a stickers set and some simple touch ups can make Prime Smokescreen look almost totally different.

11/14/13 - Added Generations Trailbreaker

11/14/13 - Photo comics #18 ~ #25 are available. If you can (and do enjoy them), please follow them on my deviantART. I probably won't post them here often.

11/1/13 - Added my son a Prime Predaking.

9/24/13 - Finally done. Behold! MMC Terminus Hexatron, a.k.a. Sixshot.

8/15/13 - Added Prime Shockwave for my son.

8/6/13 - Added Generations Blitzwing and photo comics #18 and #19.

7/2/13 - Added custom Chromedome.

6/27/13 - Added Prime Soundwave and Smokescreen for my son.

6/3/13 - Photo comics #14, #15, #16, and #17 are available.

5/20/13 - Added Universe legend class Jazz.

5/14/13 - Added Classics/Universe 2.0 Ironhide and also fixed his issues.

4/23/13 - Added FOC Sideswipe and photo comics #11, #12, and #13.

4/2/13 - Photo comics #8, #9, #10, and #10.2 are available. Enjoy!

4/2/13 - Added Beast Hunters Smokescreen.

3/15/13 - Photo comics #4, #5, #6, and #7 are now available on my deviantART.

3/4/13 - Added FOC Kickback.

2/26/13 - Added Prime Skyquake for my son. Since there are not too much to talk about, I combined it with Dreadwing.

2/22/13 - I'm doing comics now. Even gave it a series name. Here are When Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play #3, #2, and #1 (#1 was made and posted a while ago). Thanks for reading.

2/13/13 - Here! Custom Space Case.

1/24/13 - Added FOC Air Raid.

1/16/13 - Added PCC Bombshock and Prime Knock Out for my son.

1/11/13 - Added quick reviews for my son's Prime Breakdown and Dreadwing.

1/8/13 - Added TFP Dreadwing.

12/20/12 - My last custom of the year: custom Prime/Classics Brawn.

12/17/12 - Happy holidays! Should be my last review this year. Added Prime Kup.

12/10/12 - Added another short review for my son's Animated Sentinel Prime.

12/4/12 - Added another short review for my son's Animated Ratchet.

12/3/12 - Added Firebust Optimus Prime for my son.

11/21/12 - Happy Thanksgiving! Here is my custom Classics Mega-Octane.

11/2/12 - Added Batman (yep! you read it right) and Prime Vehicon.

10/16/12 - Almost forgot about this review and first time submitting a review on a bus. Added Prime Wheeljack for my son.

10/5/12 - Added DOTM Megatron and DOTM Shockwave to my customs.

10/2/12 - Added Classics Megatron, Armada Unicron, ROTF Optimus Prime, and ROTF Jetfire in to my customs.

9/26/12 - Since now I have my customization section, I decide to put some of my previous repaints in there. Only major repaint counts, minor touch-ups won't be. There, I have ROTF Jazz, Prime Ratchet, and RTS Windcharger. I will add few more later.

9/18/12 - Finally done! Could be my longest review ever with most pictures. Here! MakeToys Green Giant, a.k.a. Devastator.

8/27/12 - There will be no reviews or customs this month and I'm currently too busy playing with my Green Giant :). So I updated the website and you can see on the left sidebar. There are pages added for My Universe and My Custom category. My Universe is my neo-G1 collection and My Customs will be my custom figures. I put my custom figures here from now on and they will not appear in each toy line as before. Thanks for looking!

7/31/12 - There! The Transformers Prime Battle Chargers Runabout and Runamuck.

6/25/12 - Added Prime Wheeljack.

6/15/12 - After my son's birthday party, he got Mudflap, Sideswipe, and Soundwave.

6/7/12 - There! The Transformers Prime Chromia.

5/24/12 - Added few more short reviews for my son's Bulkhead, Megatron, and Optimus Prime.

5/15/12 - There! The Transformers Prime Slipstream.

5/14/12 - My son got Prime Vehicon, Prime Ratchet, and Prime Starscream.

4/30/12 - Added RTS legend Optimus Prime and mini-con Spiral and FansProject Warbot Defender.

4/9/12 - My son got another Bumblebee and I got Prime Ratchet.

3/21/12 - Added Prime First Edition Bulkhead.

3/7/12 - Added Arcee and Cliffjumper for my son.

3/5/12 - Put some works on HA Jazz. New pictures can be seen at the bottom.

3/1/12 - Added Prime First Edition Arcee.

2/20/12 - Added Prime First Edition Starscream.

2/15/12 - Arcee's sisters are coming soon so she went to a beauty salon. Also my first Prime figure, First Edition Cliffjumper.

1/19/12 - PCC/Classics/Universe/Generations, whatever, here is Crasher.

1/5/12 - Added Cyberverse Megatron for my son and DOTM Optimus Prime.

1/3/12 - Happy New Year!!! Added RTS Lugnut and Sentinel Prime for my son.

12/20/11 - Added Cyberverse Prime and Crossover General Grievous for my son.

12/19/11 - My Vector Prime has found his partner. See the last two pictures.

12/19/11 - Added DOTM Soundwave for my son and DOTM Darksteel.

12/12/11 - Added PCC Leadfoot.

11/29/11 - Added Cybertron Vector Prime.

11/16/11 - This! Classics Ultra Magnus.

11/11/11 - Added DOTM Sentinel Prime.

11/8/11 - Added DOTM Guzzle.

10/25/11 - Added RTS Grapple and Custom Skyjack.

10/18/11 - Sold quite a few recently in order to raise my funds.

10/10/11 - This! Classics Shockwave.

10/7/11 - Added DOTM Powerglide.

10/3/11 - Made some repaint and customization recently. There are Unicron, Kup, and Prime. Hope you like them.

9/23/11 - Added Energon Shockblast.

9/16/11 - Added Universe Dropshot.

9/7/11 - Added Energon Divebomb and brought back Cybertron Soundwave for my need of Laserbeak.

9/1/11 - Added Movie Clocker.

8/16/11 - Added Kre-O Sideswipe and United Frenzy/Rumble.

8/8/11 - Added Kre-O Ratchet.

8/1/11 - Added Leo Prime for my son.

7/20/11 - Added The Fallen for my son.

7/15/11 - Added DOTM Optimus Prime for my son.

7/14/11 - My son has another Bumblebee.

7/13/11 - Added DOTM Tailpipe.

6/28/11 - Added DOTM Whirl.

6/24/11 - Added Kre-O Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Jazz.

6/24/11 - Added three more little guys, Ironhide, Sideswipe, and Sparkcrusher and another Ravage for my son.

6/20/11 - Added my own CHURG Stepper/Ricochet.

6/17/11 - Added two little guys, Megatron and Trailbreaker.

6/16/11 - Added FansProject Superion.

6/14/11 - Added DOTM Megatron.

6/10/11 - Added DOTM Shockwave. I had some major works on him, your can check here to find out.

6/7/11 - Made a fun comic out of my new Nemesis Prime. Please click here and have a laugh.

6/6/11 - I've turned Optimus Prime to the dark side. Introducing WFC Nemesis Prime.

6/1/11 - Added Universe Octane/Tankor.

5/31/11 - Added Generations Skywarp. Yep! You read it right.

5/28/11 - Added DOTM Backfire.

5/25/11 - Added Generations Warpath.

5/18/11 - Added half written TFA style Generations Wheeljack.

5/17/11 - Behold! Introducing WFC Galvatron.

5/17/11 - Finished customizing Classics Megatron. You can view the pictures here.

4/29/11 - Added Generations Thundercracker.

4/24/11 - Added FansProject Protector. Lots of words and lots of pictures.

4/22/11 - Made version 2 of my Transformers A to Z card. Version 1 is here.

4/21/11 - Added Cybertron Mudflap.

4/20/11 - Added the one eye movie legend class Ravage for my son.

4/19/11 - Added my first fully repaint figure, RTS Windcharger.

4/18/11 - No updates on big updates. See my Ws list on the right? Yep! Only down to Frenzy/Rumble now and FP Superion upgrade is actually on preorder. Recently I've got FP Protector set, Windcharger, Wheeljack, Thundercracker, and Warpath. In addition, I got Cybertron Mudflap and movie legend Ravage for my son. I will be VERY busy paint brushing, taking pictures and writing reviews for these guys now.

4/1/11 - Added Classics Inferno. Really, no April Fool's.

3/28/11 - Added Superion.

3/23/11 - Added Air Raid, Airazor, Fireflight, Sky Dive, and Silverbolt. Superion is not yet done.

3/21/11 - Added Armada Unicron.

3/7/11 - Added Classics Ramjet and my Perceptor's review has been published at TFA.

3/2/11 - Added TFA style Perceptor review (and submitting to TFA). Also TFA has posted my re-wrote reviews of HA Jazz and RTS Wreck-Gar.

2/21/11 - Re-wrote HA Jazz since I'm submitting his review to TFA.

2/18/11 - Added RTS Wreck-Gar.

2/15/11 - Added Generation Scourge.

2/9/11 - Added Generation Kup.

2/4/11 - Finally, added Jazz and Tracks. Also made some minor customizations on Sunstreaker.

2/1/11 - Hand got itchy again. I've added some detail paints on Prowl, Blurr, and Red Alert. Mainly on painting hubcaps and weapons. Still waiting my stickers.....

1/26/11 - Still waiting for my order of Reprolables stickers set for Tracks and Jazz......

1/16/11 - If you are like me, love the HA Jazz but hate him has no license plate, here you go, I made a custom one. Please check those at Jazz review/gallery.

1/12/11 - Added Universe Onslaught and Generation Thunderwing.

1/8/11 - Added PCC Grimstone and Activators Starscream for my son.

1/4/11 - Happy new year!! Added movie legend Optimus Prime for my daughter and Beast Machine Megatron for my son.

12/13/10 - Merry Christmas!!! I've got Jazz, Thunderwing, Tracks, and Universe Onslaught for my Christmas gifts but can't open them until then. That means review will be sometime next year. Happy holidays!

12/2/10 - If you like TF comics, I've added more amazing gallaries in the links. Besides Don, I'ved added Alex, Guido, and EJ.

12/1/10 - Added HFTD Terradive.

11/11/10 - Added HFTD Breacher.

11/8/10 - Added Generation Blurr and Dirge.

11/4/10 - Sold ROTF Mixmaster.

10/27/10 - I made a Transformers A to Z card. It worked pretty well on my son.

10/21/10 - Guess I missed him too much. Bought Prowl back. Also added Red Alert and Sunstreaker into my Classics and WFC Soundwave.

9/27/10 - Added Generation Darkmount and WFC Megatron

9/22/10 - Added legend Bumblebee for my daughter and PCC Huffer for my son.

9/20/10 - Added Fansproject Crossfire, the fantastic Bruticus upgrade set.

9/9/10 - Sold Movie Arcee, RiD Optimus Prime, RiD Ultra Magnus, RiD Megatron, Cybertron Megatron, Cybertron Soundwave, and Cybertron T-Rex Megatron.

8/24/40 - Added Master Piece Grimlock.

8/16/10 - Added FA Jolt for my son.

8/6/10 - Added Generation Drift and movie Jazz and Starscream.

7/22/10 - Added Generation Thrust.

7/19/10 - Added movie Hubcap and Animated Bumblebee for my son.

7/8/10 - Added Activator Bumblebee for my son and WFC Optimus Prime. Sold RiD Sky-Byte.

6/17/10 - Sold Energon Rodimus and Starscream.

6/8/10 - Say bye-bye to Prowl. The terrible sticky paint and totally failed repaint finally made me to put him away. I will miss you.

6/4/10 - Add Energon Rodimus and Starscream and RiD X-Brawn.

6/3/10 - Add Rid Sky-Byte and Universe Cyclonus.

5/18/10 - Sold ROTF LOT (Depthcharge, Ironhide, Wheelie, Skids, Thrust, Dead End, Devastator, Sideways), 2 KOs, and mini-cons Mirage and Downshift.

5/13/10 - Add Cybertron Sideways.

5/10/10 - Add Cybertron Soundwave and mini-cons Mirage and Downshift in Small Figures.

5/7/10 - Add Rid Omega Prime and my first non TF review, Brave Police in Misc. Sold Universe Blaster and Animated Megatron.

5/4/10 - Add Rid Optimus Prime.

5/3/10 - Add KO Skyjack and Space Case in Misc area.

4/30/10 - Add small figures in the Misc area.

4/27/10 - RID Prime has finally arrived through the ashes from UK.

4/19/10 - Found some old toys and upgraded my TFs. Check the images here or bottom.

4/14/10 - Added ROTF Lockdown.

4/12/10 - Added RiD Ultra Magnus. Haven't got Prime yet.

4/9/10 - Got RiD Ultra Magnus. Review will be up soon. Almost got Prime at the same time. Now is suffering and need more patience and luck for Prime.

4/2/40 - 5 Megatrons now. Added RiD Megatron.

3/10/10 - Added ROTF Wheelie and Devastator and TFA Arcee.

2/24/10 - Added Cybertron Megatron T-REX.

2/18/10 - Added ROTF Mindwipe, a figure I owned less than 2 days.

2/17/10 - Added pictures for Megatron and Blaster and added ROTF Barricade.

2/15/10 - Quite a few addition recently. Got HA Barricade and Cybertron T-Rex Megatron (?). Add Classics Megatron. Pictures not yet available.

2/10/10 - Added Universe Blaster. Pictures are not yet available.

2/3/10 - Sold 2 movie Bumblebees, movie Barricade, ROTF Reverb, and TFA Grimlock (did I just get it not too long ago?). Besides 74 Camaro, others are not in good price :(.

1/22/10 - Added ROTF Bludgeon and Ironhide.

1/15/10 - Added USE Overkill.

1/14/10 - Added USE Drag Strip.

1/13/10 - Added ROBO-Q Optimus Prime.

1/13/10 - Got ROTF Bludgeon and Recon Ironhide. Yes! Yes! Yes!

12/29/09 - Not yet done with the animated line. Added Grimlock and Megatron.

12/28/09 - Added movie leader class Brawl.

12/21/09 - Get another one not in my W list. Won auction for movie leader Brawl. Can I get before Christmas?

12/10/09 - Added Classics Astrotrain

12/8/09 - Saw a very interesting video and created this classics version Jetpower OP.

12/4/09 - Added Classics Bumblebee

12/3/09 - Added Cybertron Megatron and MP Skywarp

12/2/09 - Finally won the auction for classics Astrotrain. Shipping is on the way. Yeah........!

12/1/09 - Added ROTF legend Skids.

11/24/09 - Got classics henkei Bumblebee. He is a nice little one.

11/11/09 - Never in my life has visited the Walmart stores so many and so often like this, but I finally found MP Skywarp.

11/4/09 - Added ROTF Jetpower Optimus Prime and Universe Sideswipe.

11/2/09 - Added ROTF Jetfire.

10/29/09 - Added ROTF Optimus Prime.

10/29/09 - Update main page with site news.

10/28/09 - I finally got my first Megatron. The Cybertron Megatron from eBay.

10/13/09 - Added Universe/Classics Hot Rod and Jetfire.

9/29/09 - I sold my Ultra Magnus, Samurai Prowl, Sunstreaker, and Rampage on Ebay.

9/25/09 - Add ROTF Thrust.

9/23/09 - Added Universe/Classics Bruticus.

9/17/09 - Added Universe/Classics Swindle and Vortex.

9/16/09 - Added Universe/Classics Blast Off and Brawl.

9/16/09 - Added Universe/Classics Onslaught.

9/14/09 - Added ROTF Reverb.

8/7/09 - Added RPM Optimus Prime.

8/4/09 - Site is complete.
Unopened/review pending:
MP Optimus Prime
MT MP Megatron
PP Swoop
PP Grimlock
PP Slag
PP Snarl
PP Sludge
PP Dreadwind
PP Moonracer
PP Blackwing
PP Punch/Counterpunch


Do the math:
Autobot: 66
Decepticon: 48
(Exclude Misc. and FMS)
(Combiner counts as 1)