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PT Songlines

PT Songlines is a non-auditioned philanthropic community choir that welcomes all voices and sings an eclectic repertoire of songs from around the world and around the corner, under the direction of Laurence Cole and Gretchen Sleicher.

PT Songlines is located in Port Townsend, Washington and weaving joyful, meaningful singing into this community since 2006! We believe that everyone can sing and that singing together is our birthright.

Songlines takes its name from an indigenous Australian practice which believes that Songlines are literal paths along the Earth - much like ley lines - that must be Sung in order to maintain connections to all of the beings of creation, and to help navigate the paths of the physical world through lyric. (More...)

Ubuntu Choir Network

PT Songlines is a part of the Ubuntu Choir Network, which exists to foster the practice of people singing together as an essential tool for connecting to each other, and for building community locally, regionally and globally.  Ubuntu Choir Network encourages and facilitates these choirs to support charitable work, both locally and globally. 

Ubuntu is an African Zulu word meaning,
"I am because we are."

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