Project Definition


For all user groups to enjoy our Prescott Trails safely.  We work on educating the public through signs, local press, websites and club communications.  

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The Purpose (Mission)

  • Make Trails Safer for all who use them
  • Education the users on trail courtesy
  • Create relationships with all trail user groups

These are the targets we want to meet

  • Signage at trails heads that get peoples attention
  • Trail Head talks with bikers and equestrians
  • Horse safety clinics
  • Joint bike/ horse trail maintenance days 

This is how our organisation will gain.

  • Positive feed back in the community for both groups working together
  • More respect for each user group
  • More trails brushed during the season
  • Safer trails for everyone


The Back Country Horsemen of  Central Arizona Board of Directors has mandated that this chapter take an  active role in the newly formed multi-use, non-motorized trail safety  coalition. Through this action we want to send the community, our elected  officials, government agencies, and our membership, clarification of our  position concerning trail safety and our willingness to work toward a  solution. We are partnering with the Prescott National Forest, Prescott  Mountain Bike Alliance, Prescott Saddle Club, Yavapai Trails Association,  Granite Mountain Riders, and all other trail users to promote safety and  strive for community cooperation and courtesy from all users on our trails.  

Measurable Objectives:

  1. Identify problem spots on the trails
  2. Brushing trails 
  3. Trail Re-design to control bike speeds 
  4. Equestrian Bypass routes for around dangerous spots


Project Constraints