The PTR-TOF, developed at the University of Innsbruck in cooperation with Ionicon Analytik, is a second generation organic trace gas analyzer, designated to sample VOCs in sub ppbv concentrations. With its high mass resolving power, the high ionic identification capability and the high data acquisition speed, the PTR-TOF is applied in many scientific areas, e.g. environmental research, food chemistry, detection of chemical warfare agents, drug analysis and medical breath analysis.
The high data amount created by the TOF-MS demands a good and effective data reduction method. Therefore a data analyzer software was developed during various projects and lots of spare time at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and the IRCELYON, France. This PTR-TOF Data Analyzer combines the state of the art hardware with a state of the art data reduction software. Dynamic routines enable the efficient reduction of the high data load of up to 300,000 data points per 0.1 seconds to the information needed: quantitative signals and exact m/z
This wiki is intended to support the PTR-TOF user community, to give useful information about the use of the PTR-TOF, to support the data analysis and to promote scientific discussions. Nevertheless, this is an independent volunteer project that cannot guarantee the correctness of all information.