A special thank you to the following people for all of their contributions to the PT242 project (list will continue to update)!
Will be adding others as I see their screen name in chat to avoid misspelling

Chris Carangi
Paul S
Train Man

Bernard Resnick
Bill I (the true John Deere counter)
Bill Lehmann (The keeper of the bells and keeps the group in-line with grammar and spelling)
Brett P (Western Reporter)
buryspamhere (all of his train location call-outs early in the morning)
Christopher C (king of Curvian sarcasm)
Dan K (Countless suggestions to make the site even better and our eastern slope locomotive alert system)
Dave G
Doug Watts (Providing history of the Pittsburgh Line)
delvalrailfan (for submitting a magnitude of reports)
G.J. Scotti
Greg I (Curvian Chief Chef)
J Hops
James Hopkins
Jared Klock (for their train symbol call outs)
Lizzy M
Papajoe (For their train report and support)
PRR 4800
P&W Joe
Ryan T (provided countless ideas and a true expert on everything Amtrak related)
Steven Geisler (for all of his Facebook posts where we double check to ensure we hear the symbols correctly)
wmh131 (Thank you for making the NB command and supporting the site)
Virtual Railfan & Staff (for their willingness to provide written permission for video clips off their YouTube livestream)
60Trainhunter (Thank you for all the callouts and welcome back!)