Description: The C52 is a local train typically runs between Gray and Johnstown on weeknights (M-F). The Curvians created a game long-ago in which individuals would try and guess the number of cars C52 was hauling westbound. This has ranged anywhere from 0 to 80 in the past. This webpage is to create a medium to record those guesses since the game collected some dust over the past few months.

Please see the rules below the entry form / table of guesses

1. This is supposed to be fun.
2. Please only enter your YouTube screen name and whole-number guess (no placing in false names please).
3. Each individual (even if you have multiple YouTube accounts) is asked to not enter more than one guess / day. 
4. Please, no more guesses are permitted when C52 is visible on the camera (see winning section for more info).
5. More than one person may guess the same number. It's okay... we can have co-winners.
6. If there are any drama, issues, or problems.... please refer to rule #1.

- Every attempt will be made to publish in the notes section of the board the winner of the C52 game for the evening of the contest.
- The contest will stay open until C52 is visible. If website editors notice a pattern over time where correct entries come in after the count is broadcast, then they have the right to disqualify that person from future entries. 
- The car count that is communicated on the radio/scanner is official (yes, there has been differences between what was said and what we saw in the past. This saves arguments of what's articulated / not articulated)

My ask to everyone...
- If you hear the car count on the radio, please don't enter a guess (if you didn't enter it prior to hearing the car count) or place it in chat and ruin it for others.
- Please don't make extra administrative work by putting in multiple entries, false names, etc. It takes time away from improving the site. We appreciate it. 

If you'd like to make a suggestion below on changes, please feel free.