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Peace Poem

A piece of peace
(by Miglena Vucheva)
A piece of paper, a piece of cake,
A piece of land, a piece of advice.
So many pieces that one can take
But only one has a higher price.

The piece that every person needs
To have with him when he is scared
Or when the world for freedom pleads
And all the pain is rarely shared.

The piece that doesn’t let the “evil” here
That doesn’t let the war destroy and kill.
The piece that would not let the fear
Freeze our souls and ruin our will.

The strongest part of our essence
As human beings is the urge to live.
Life offers us a range of lessons
To learn before we take or give.

To fall, to rise, to fall again,
To fight and die with passion,
A skill to live is what we gain
And it’s the heaviest possession.

But those who decide to follow the fashion
Develop desire for money and fame.
Losing themselves in their obsession,
Completely forget the feeling of shame.

People are selfish, fake and insane.
Will they try to change one day?
And will their effort be in vain
When all they know is how to slay?

Material aspects rule the world and thus
This PEACE that I mentioned above
Paradoxically seems too expensive for us
And so are sympathy, honesty and love.