Welcome to the Ptolus Campaign.  This campaign is set entirely within the city limits of Ptolus, Monte Cook's City by the Spire.  It will feature a great deal of urban and subterranean exploration, but no wilderness adventures.  Construct your characters accordingly.

A Player's Guide to Ptolus provides extensive background information on the city, its history, and its inhabitants.  Familiarizing yourself with it is highly recommended.  Please try to avoid reading any other sources of Ptolus material, as they will probably contain spoilers.

The campaign will use the d20 3.5 system rules, supplemented and modified by some material from Trailblazer.  Details can be found on the Rules page.  Players may select classes, feats, spells, equipment and the like from the following resources ONLY:

Player's Handbook
Dungeon Master's Guide

Complete Warrior
Complete Arcane
Lords of Madness
Heroes of Horror
Spell Compendium
Player's Handbook II
Magic Item Compendium
Trailblazer (as appropriate; see Rules)
Wrath & Rage
Ptolus, City by the Spire
The Year's Best d20, Volume 1 (particularly the urban ranger)
Joe's Book of Enchantment

Races must be chosen from A Player's Guide to Ptolus, and are limited to the Common Races listed on pp. 22-23, along with harrow elves, litorians, and lizardfolk.  Note that these last three races impose a level adjustment.

The above are resources that I personally own.  Please do not use any material outside of these resources for your PCs.  Please do not give or lend me any additional resources, either.  This list should be sufficient for a very wide range of characters.