Register for the Regional Convention (click to view program),
March 27-28 at Paradise Valley Community College!
Notes for Convention:
Donations needed - the Regional Board is trying to raise money to help send Chapters to Regional and International events.  They need donations for Silent Auction and for grab bags (small items like conference swag, keychains, etc.)
Sojourner Center - will be at Convention. Please bring any donations your Chapter has collected for them.
Marketplace - does your Chapter have something cool to sell?  Sign up for a table at Marketplace and do some fundraising.
Run for Regional Office - remember applications for Regional Officer candidates are due to the Regional Coordinator should receive the application and an unofficial transcript by the Monday prior to the Regional Convention (March 23, 2015). 

Sign up for a sombrero... there is a competition to see which Region can wear the most sombreros - to help us participate I found cheap sombreros online.  I will buy them and have them delivered to convention (so we will not have to travel with sombreros...LOL). 

Annual Report: http://www.ptk.org/sites/default/files/docs/annual_report_2014.pdf 
This document is great to show all that PTK does to support students and their successes!
Check out the International Headquarters Update at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i9lbvxoc9oxsbwk/HQU_Fall14_NEW.mp4?   dl=1