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 Patricia has relocated her International  Headquarters for PEP. to Seattle WA.  She is establishing a business which will be called Perceptual Enrichment Education and Training Center.  The goal is to train and educate professional people in:

  • Basic PEP Facilitator I
  • Advanced PEP Facilitator II

All Facilitator I trainings, here or abroad,  will require a minimum of 5 days hands-on training including 6 education modules and 2 training modules.  A CD with Level I, II, II  equipment printable and many extra games and alternative tasks.  This avoids the difficulty in locating some of the equipment. A binder with the evaluation tests, sheets and paperwork is a part of the training.   Completion of the training will end with a  PEP Facilitator certificate and an Educational completion of 30 hours certificate.

PEP has been continually updated for all three levels.  All formats are  available  upon requests from facilitators.  The formats are accommodating the needs for the children that we are seeing today.

Much of the equipment is the same   The new equipment is available upon request.  Patricia has created her own Cognitive Modes cards replacing the unavailable and outdated original sets. They are available upon request as laminated sets for sale or the PDF version can be downloaded for a do-it-your-self project. 

Advanced Facilitator III modules are in the process of writing, editing and completion.  These modules address much deeper treatment of the many labels given to people such as Autism, ADD, PDD, Auditory and Perceptual  and physical problems, i.e. Cerebral Palsy and brain traumas.


After ten years of research and studying the workings of the brain and child development,  Patricia wrote a program which is called Perceptual Enrichment Program (PEP).  The Program has continued to develop and expand with the years.  It now has Level I , Level II and Level III.  She has trained people throughout the world to facilitate this program,  The research continues, now combining the latest scientific discoveries.

            The Current Goal

Expressing the capabilities of humans and the feelings displayed all around us through art and writings