Music education needs innovation, and so do students.

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Thank you for wanting to learn about the PlayTheGroove initiative. I'm Richard Frank, creator of this ground-breaking approach that incorporates new world jazz and modern methodologies into secondary music education. This initiative is rooted in my personal experiences as a professionally trained musician, a graduate-level researcher, and 70+ clinics and workshops. I recently spent 2-months at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland to observer their dynamic and inclusive approaches - I learned a lot to bring into PlayTheGroove in due time. And I recently completed my M.A. in Educational Technology at California State University Northridge (CSUN).

From countless conversations with professors, students, and educators, I understand teachers are always looking for new ideas and enticing music to engage their students, foster inclusivity, and yield tangible results (that are measurable). We developed PlayTheGroove as a ground-breaking, new program for any instrumentation with a rhythm section at varying skill levels. Through participatory and student-led activities, PlayTheGroove increases student ownership and creates a more inclusive environment for students of varying abilities and training. Furthermore, by incorporating critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration - the “4 C’s” of a 21st-century education - into the music classroom, PlayTheGroove leverages music education to help students build skills for academic, career and personal success.

   “In the first rehearsal, one student said, "I love this!" I asked him later if he meant the process or the song and he said both.”
                                 Cindy T., Secondary Jazz Educator

PTG Licensed Songs with Sheet Music Samples 3:30

Key elements for you and your students:

A practical approach to help students with sight-reading, playing by ear, and creative expression.

Exciting content: Our contemporary selections go beyond jazz standards to include new world jazz.

Student decision-making: Being student-led, they choose what to play and how to play it (with the teacher's guidance of course).

*Star parts* for all players: All tonal instruments play the melody - nobody is stuck with a minor part. For rhythm instruments, we offer a variety of rhythm and chordal parts.

Tangible short-term results: PlayTheGroove supports the development of music fundamentals and maintaining students’ motivation by enabling them to arrange and play through a whole song in one class period, and perform in just a few weeks.

Ease and flexibility for teachers: PlayTheGroove requires very little prep or professional development. Our pedagogies are flexible and can be applied as appropriate for a wide range of ensemble situations.

North Hollywood High School after 4-5 rehearsals

Schedule: This trial methodogy is spread out over 3-4-5 weeks pending your situation. It's modular; you do not need to give up normal teaching approaches. It's also supplemental; pepper in this new approach for your students and self-professional development.

Purpose: While initial results are promising, we need your objective feedback to further develop and refine the content and methodologies to better serve teachers and students nationwide. This site will take you through the process, including the “3-2-1 Song Choosing Activity,” classroom rehearsals using the “PTG Approach,” and a performance.

Give it a try, and let us know what you think.

You will receive TWO FREE charts to keep, reference recordings and ample guidance for your involvement.

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