Requirements/Parent Meeting Checklist

This handy page will walk you through all the Theatre Guild Booster Club requirements.  The more you do before the meeting, the faster you'll be done! 

 Print, fill out, and bring the physical copy of the checklist to the parent meeting

***If you want to complete all requirements online, use the checklist to make sure you've checked everything off.***

PTG Show Checklist

1.  Registration: Have you filled out both required forms for Theatre Guild?  
     Complete these ONCE per school year.
For paper copies of forms, please contact the Theatre Guild Sponsors (Alex, Jayme, or Mysti) at Pioneer.

Not sure if you filled them out? Ask Lucy Schramm (, Membership Coordinator, to check for you.

2.  Dues:  Dues are collected once per show, from each student participant - cast and crew (not "house crew"). Pay dues before the meeting via PayPal, or at the meeting via check made out to Theatre Guild Booster Club
  • Exchange students receive Lucky Stars scholarships. Please email the student's name and exchange student status to Mysti Plummer ( or the Membership Coordinator ( Dues and Ad Deposit are covered by the scholarship.
  • Scholarships are available with no questions asked. For a partial or full scholarship, email Mysti Plummer at Include the student's name and the scholarship request (part or full). Full scholarships also cover the Ad Fundraiser requirement.




3.  Ad Fundraiser:  Ad Deposits are collected once per school year from each student participant - cast and crew (not "house crew"). Pay the Ad Deposit before the meeting via PayPal, or at the meeting via check made out to Theatre Guild Booster Club

Your deposit will only be cashed if you do not sell an ad to a business.
**If you paid the ad deposit for a previous production this year, you are all set and don't need to make another ad deposit.**

2018-2019 Season Ad Deposit

4.  Volunteer Jobs: Two volunteer jobs per show, per student.

For jobs descriptions, go to Food & Volunteer Jobs.

5.  Food Donations: Two food donations per show, per student.



7.  Support Theatre Guild's Lucky Stars scholarships!  Make a donation to the Booster Club's Lucky Stars program, that helps provide needed scholarships.
To learn more go to: Lucky Stars