Team Orca

Akash, Akhil, and Ankesh

Below is the Pterodactyl (Powering The Earth through Resorbing Oscillation Dynamics via Amplified CTYL(Piezoelectric Crystals). Our energy generating device. The one that has already
taken us to the Nationals in this competition. The one that we are improving constantly. 
The one that we believe can begin to change the world from the bottom up. One coastal 
homeowner at a time. 

Click on the image for an enlargement

We need YOUR support

We're National Finalists. It's amazing that we've gotten this far. But... we want our concept to become reality. We sincerely believe that transforming this device from paper to machine would be a real step towards alleviating the energy crisis. And for that, we need you to vote for us! Vote for Team Orca on if you would like to see us go on to win the National Competition. We've worked extremely hard on our idea, and we really believe that we have what it takes to win this competition! 

Team Orca