Toolkit A-Z for Education


Academic Earth - repository of inspirational educational videos; Used online; Free

Activote - pupil voting system for use with Promethean boards; Hardware - use diagrams to provoke discussion & debate; Used online; Free

Animoto for Education - make a simple slideshow from still images; Used online, Free

Audacity - sound editing software; Dowloadable app; Free 

Audible Kids - access audio books for kids; Used online; Free (limited use)

Audioboo - a mobile & web platform that effortlessly allows you to record and upload audio for your friends, family or the rest of the world to hear - used online or download the App.

Aviary for Education - suite of image editing, vectore editor, audio editor & music creator software; create private student accounts; 100% school safes images and sound;  Used online; Free



Bamzooki - build your own virtual robots & compete against each other; Downloadable app; Free

Beebots - robot for primary students; Hardware

Bell's Museum - directory of ecological games; Used online; Free - a good bibliography tool; Used online; Free

Big Picture - news stories depicted by stunning images; Used online; Free - shorten long web addresses; Used online; Free

Bitstrips - make your own comic; Used online; Free - host your own video channel; Used online; Free

Blogger - blog writing tool; Used online; Free

Blockposters - make giant posters of any size from any image; Used online; Free

Bookgoo – Upload, highlight, and annotate your documents. It’s like editing on paper but better.

Boolify - a visual Boolean searching site

Bow Street Runner - interactive game set in Georgian London; Used online; Free - simple, powerful, collaboration and file sharing; Used online; Free

Box of Tricks - internet resources for education, regularly updated; Free

Brainpop - collection of high quality animations for a range of subjects; Used online

Brokenpicturetelephone - chinese whispers with text & pictures; Used online; Free - tool for brainstorming; Used online; Free

Build your wild self - create an avatar for yourself; Used online; Free

Building a rubric - helping teachers create rubrics quickly; Used online; Free

Busuu - site for language learning; Used online; Free



CARET - activities for 'Gifted & Talented' students; Used online; Free

Celtx - media pre-production; Downloadable app; Free

Cities of Science - directory of science-related events happening in London; Free

Classblogmeister - free class-safe blogging tool; Used online; Free

Classtools - create your own educational games; Used online; Free

Clickteaching - directory of primary teaching resources; Free
Cloud Canvas - online editing and image tool; use for multimedia projects & integrates with Google Docs; Used online; Free

Cometdocs - online document conversion, including on-the-fly OCR conversion; Used online; Free

Comic Life - make your own comic; Downloadable app

Compfight - find images for comps, inspiration or research; Used online; Free

Commoncraft - applications explained in simple English; Used online; Free

Concept to Classroom - directory of educational workshops; Free

Content generator -  create your own educational games; Used online; Free (premium service available)

Cornell Notes PDF Generator – Create fully customizable and printable note-taking pages which can be blank, ruled, or graphed; Used online; Free

CPS Pupil Response Systems - voting system for students; Hardware

CrazyTalk - make a photo talk or sing; Downloadable app
Create PDF - create a pdf of any webpage - just type in your URL and create the pdf, Used online; Free

Create a Graph - create graphs; Used online; Free

Cueprompter - create a teleprompt feed for a presenter to read; Used online; Free

Cyberschoolbus - directory of educational resources provided by United Nations; Free



Dabbleboard - share a virtual whiteboard with other people; Used online; Free

Da Font - directory of high quality fonts; Used online; Free

Dancemat Typing - typing tutor; Used online; Free

Delicious - social bookmarking site; Used online; Free

Digiblue - robust digital camera; Hardware - learn about being safe on the Internet; Used online; Free

Diigo-Education - web highlighter & social bookmarks; Used online; Free and subscription

Dimdim - videoconferencing tool; Used online; Free

Discovery Education - directory of scientific resources; Free

Docstoc - business & educational document templates; Used online; Free

Doink - create fun annimations with this incredible animation / drawing tool; Used online; Free

Doppel Me - create an avatar for yourself; Used online; Free

Drama in Education - directory of resources for teachers of drama; Free - simple real-time sharing and collaboration; Used online; Free and paid upgrades

Dropbox - store your files online & access anywhere; Downloadable app & Used online; Free (2GB)

DS - handheld gaming device; Hardware



Edmodo - a 'Twitter' for schools; Used online; Free

Educational Simulations - directory of simulations suitable for use in education; Free

Educators Reference Desk - directory of resources for educators; Free

E-Jay - music composition & editing software; Downloadable app

Elgg - build your own social community; Used online; Free

Elluminate -  videoconferencing tool; Used online - the only web-based service that allows you to email any web page to any one - annotate and embed any document directly into your website; Used online; Free

Enigma Project - directory of resources relating to codes & code-breaking; Free

Enquiring Minds - directory of resources to enhance teaching; Free

Erepublic - social & political simulation game; Used online; Free

Espresso - directory of primary teaching resources

Eventbrite - booking system for events; Used online; Free (if event is free)

Evoca - Audio web services, create, post, share; Used online & mobile; Fees attached

EventElephant - booking system for events; Used online; Free (if event is free)

Evernote - stop forgetting things, annotate and take notes across computers - Online & downloadable app; Free

Exploratorium - resources centred around the human senses; Used online; Free



Faceyourmanga - create an avatar for yourself; Used online; Free

FD's Flickr Toys - make fun stuff with your photos; Used online

Feedly - visual news-style RSS Reader; Used online; Free.Synchronises with Google Reader

Feedmyapp - directory of Web 2.0 tools; Free

FileURLS - get a url and share files up to 250MB, 9 days and password protected too; Free

FilmStreet - learn about filmmaking; Used online; Free

Flaming Text - directory of high quality fonts; Used online; Free

Flashmeeting - video conferencing tool; Used online; Free

Flickr - photosharing site; Used online; Free (limited use)

FlickrCC - search Flickr images for Creative Commons images

FlickrStorm - search for photos that are made available through a Creative Commons license; Used online; Free

FlipBook - create fun flipbooks; Used online; Free

Frappr - create interactive maps for groups; Used online; Free

Freedictionary - dictionary & thesaurus; Used online; Free

Freemind - mindmapping tool; Downloadable app; Free

Freeonlinesurveys - create online surveys; Used online; Free
Free Soundtrack Music - Tracks on this site are available for royalty-free use in films, video games, or other digital media and may be edited and remixed; Free

Free Stock Music100% free production music in eight genres: cinematic scores, corporate, easy listening, electronic, hip-hop, international, pop and rock; Free



Gazillionaire - business strategy game; Downloadable app; Free (trial basis)

Gliffy - make diagrams & drawings; Used online; Free

Global gateway - find partners for global projects; Free

Glogster Edu - interactive poster maker; Used online; Free

Goodreads - create book groups & share books you're reading; Used online; Free

GoodTyping - learn touchtyping - keeps record of performance; Used online; Free

Google Books - search for books and magazines; Used online; some Free, some full text

Google Docs - create collaborative slideshows, text & spreadsheets; Used online; Free

Google Earth - look at the earth in detail; Downloadable app; Free

Google Forms - use Google Docs to make free surveys; Used online; Free

Google Reader - aggregate updates from all the blogs you read; Used online; Free

Google Scholar - confine your web searches to research papers; used online; Free

Google Sketchup - 3D sketching software; Downloadable app; Free

Go2web2.0 - directory of Web 2.0 tools; Free

GoView - capture your computer screen and audio, then immediatly share online; used online; Free



Hamilton Trust - directory of teaching resources; Free

HootSuite - manage multiple Twitter profiles and  pre-schedule tweets; Free

Hot Potatoes - make your own multimedia activities; Downloadable app; Free

Hot Shot Business - simulation of running a range of small businesses; Used online; Free



Inspiration - mindmapping software; Downloadable app

Imaginationcubed - share a virtual whiteboard with other people; Used online; Free

iLife - suite of software tools that come free with Macs

Inkscape - vectors graphics editor; Downloadable app; Free

Irfanview - graphics manipulation software tool; Downloadable app; Free

iTalc - powerful didactical tool for teachers; Downloadable app; Free

iWork - suite of software tools for Macs



JClic - make your own multimedia activities; Downloadable app; Free

Jeopardy Labs - create your own Jeopardy-type quizzes; Used online; Free

Jigsaw Planet - create your own online interactive jigsaw puzzles from your own images; Used on-line; Free

Jing - create animated screen captures from your desktop; Downloadable app; Free

Joomla - content management system; Used online; Free

Junkyard Sports - directory of ideas for recycling items to play games; Free



Kar2ouche - create your own animated films from storyboards tied in to specific curriculum areas

Kerpoof - create your own drawings or animated films; Used online; Free

Kids on the Net - looking at writing through the eyes of a child; Used online; Free

Kwout - quote a part of a web page as an image with an image map. Upload to various services like Flickr, Twitter. Used online; Free

Kyolo - put speech bubbles on photos; Used online; Free



Lego World Builder - control lego objects ion a virtual world; Used online; Free

Linerider - use planning to negotiate obstacles; Used online; Free 

Literature Network - searchable directory of classic literary works; Used online; Free

LiveBinders - collect your resources in virtual binders and organsie them neatly; Used online; Free and pricing.

Lookybook - get to see & review childrens books page-by-page; Used online; Free

Lulu - self publish your own work in hard copy; Used online



Mahara - e-portfolio system; Downloadable app; Free

Make Beliefs Comix - make your own comic; Used online; Free

Making the News - news story writing resource; Used online; Free

Media Awareness Network - games to help Internet Safety; Used online; Free

MediaWiki - make your own collaborative documents; Used online; Free

Meebo – This IM client lets you sign onto your IM accounts from anywhere. Meebo supports 10 different IM services.

Mikogo – This free screen sharing tool makes it easy to show your screen to someone else online.

Mind42 - collaborative mindmapping tool; Used online; Free

Mindmeister - mindmapping tool; Used online; Free

Mindomo - mindmapping tool; Used online; Free

MissionMaker - create your own 3D rendered games 

Moo - make unusual business cards and other items; Used online

Moodle - create your own virtual learning environment; Downloadable app; Free

Moshi Monsters - social networking site for children; Used online; Free (limited use)

MovieMaker - movie editing package found on all PCs

Moviestorm - create your own 3D rendered films; Downloadable app; Free (paid-for addons available)

Mrpicassohead - create a simple face in the style of Picasso; Used online; Free

Museumbox - present themed artefacts as if in boxes in a musem; Used online; Free

Mybrochuremaker - make brochures, leaflets & flyers; Used online; Free

MyStickies – Sticky notes for the web; Used online; Free

Mywebspiration - mindmapping tool; Used online; Free



Nation States  - political simulation game; Used online; Free

NeoK12 - a wealth of k-12 online educational videos; Used online; Free

Netsmartz - games to help Internet Safety; Used online; Free

Ning - build your own social community; Used online; Free

Nobel Prize - directory of educational, science-themed games; Free



Odiogo - convert text to speech; Used online; Free

OneWorld Classroom - collaborate with schools around the world; Free

Oovoo - video conferencing tool; Used online; Free

OpenOffice - alternative suite of applications to other office suites; Downloadable app; Free

Orisinal - collection of violence free, mostly beautifully drawn games; Used online; Free

OttoBib – Enter an ISBN and OttoBib will automatically create a bibliography in MLA, APA, or Chicago format.



Pageflakes - Teacher edition - gather websites and RSS to create theme pages; Used online; Free - 360 degree panoramic images from around the world; Used online; Free

Partner Finding Forum - find partners for European projects; Free

Pbwiki - make your own collaborative documents (THIS page was made in pbwiki); Used online; Free

PDA - handheld devices; Hardware

PDF to Excel - quickly and easily create highly editable XLS files from PDF files in Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, Google Docs, and WordPerfect Office; Used online; Free

Pedagogue - collaborative e-learning content tool

Photostory - create storyie from photos; Downloadable app

Picnik - edit images in your browser; Used online; Free

Picsearch - a search engine for pictures: Used online; Free

Pikistore - create your own t-shirts; Used online

Pixton - create your own comics; Used online; Free

Pizap - edit images in your browser; Used online; Free

Planypus - share plans with other; Used online; Free

Plurk - communicate with your friends via a timeline; Used online; Free

Poissonrouge - learn French through games; Used online; Free

Podium - create your own podcasts

Posterous - post anything you like online; Used online; Free

Powerleague - create debate through thought provoking surveys; Used online; Free

Prezi - create effective presentations from still images; Used online; Free

Profitania - business strategy game; Downloadable app; Free (trial basis)

PS3 - Sony's gaming console; Hardware

PSP - Sony's handheld gaming console; Hardware



Qik - broadcast live video from a mobile phone; Used online; Free

Quest Atlantis - safe virtual world in which children complete educational challenges; Used online; Free  

QuestGarden - repository of Webquests; Used online; Free

QuietWrite - really simple online writing, notes, publishing, with integration with Wordpress; Used online; Free

Quizlet - create Flashcard quizzes; Used online; Free


R - learning community; Used online

Random Activity Generator - tool for rethinking how you complete tasks; Used online; Free

Read the Words - turns text into audio

Rememberthemilk - organise your events/life; Used online; Free

Rockyou - photosharing; Used online; Free

Routes Game - resources centered around genetics; Used online; Free                   

Rubistar - helping teachers create rubrics quickly; Used online; Free



Samorost - text free puzzle game can be used to teach literacy; Used online; Free

ScrapBlog - interactive poster maker; Used online; Free

Scratch - programming language for everyone; Downloadable app; Free
Screenjelly - Screenjelly records your screen activity with your voice recording so you can spread it via Twitter or email; Online; Free

Screenr - instant screencasts for Twitter; web-based recorder, iPhone compatible; Free

Scribd - put your documents online; embed your documents into blogs, wikis and more.

Segmation - paint by numbers; Used online; Free

Shape Collage - create collages from photographs; Used online; Free

Shelfari - share your bookshelf with others; Used online; Free

ShowDocument - easy web meeting and documents sharing; Used online; Free

Shidonni - bring drawings to life; Used online; Free

Sim Earth - simulate a living planet (classic game); Downloadable app; Free

Similar Minds - repository of personality tests; Free

Skype - audio & text communication tool; Downloadable app; Free

Slideshare - upload your slideshows and share with other people; Use online; Free

SMART - interactive whiteboard system

SmugMug - photosharing site; Used online; Free (limited use)

Snapter - use a digital camera as a mobile scanner; Downloadable app; Free

Socrata- discover useful, unique and unusual datasets created by the community; Used online; Free

SodaPlay - make virtual objects then make them move; Used online; Free

Songbird - open source music player; Downloadable app; Free

Spelling City - create spelling lists; Used online; Free

Spotify - listen to music online; Downloadable app; Free

Storybird - a service that uses collaborative storytelling to connect kids and families; Used online; Free

Stripgenerator - make your own comic; Used online; Free

Stumbleupon - recommend websites to others; Used online; Free

Superclubsplus - safe social networking site for children; Used online; Free (premium service available)

Switchzoo - create your own funny animals; Used online; Free



Taecanet - directory of resources for teachers to aid personalised learning

Taking Liberties - looking at personal freedom & rights; Used online; Free

TeacherTube - repository of videos relevant for use in teaching; Used online; Free

TED Talks - repository of inspirational & life-affirming videos; Used online; Free

TextArc - create word pictures from text files; Used online; Free

Textoriser - create vector art from text files; Used online; Free

Thinkature - create your own collaborative visual workspace; Used online; Free

ThinkFree - manage, share and convert documents to view; Used online; Some Free - safe social networking site for children; Used online; Free

TiddlyWiki - create reusable, collaborative, non-linear notebook; Downloadable app; Free

TikaTok - create an virtual book from your pictures; Used online; Free

Tinyurl - shorten long web addresses; Used online; Free

TokBox - free video chat and messages; Used online; Free

Toodledo - create 'to do' lists to organise your tasks; Used online; Free

Toondoo - make your own comic; Used online; Free

TubeChop - edit YouTube videos and then embed them into websites; Used online; Free

Turnitin - check if work is plagiarised; Downloadable app

TuxMath - game to help learning of Maths; Downloadable app; Free

Tux Paint - create your own art; Downloadable app; Free

Twiddla - share a virtual whiteboard with other people; Used online; Free

Twitter -  communicate with your friends; Used online; Free

Typepad -  blog writing tool; Used online; Free

TypeRacer - improve typing speed by competing with others; Used online; Free



Ustream - broadcast video footage live; Used online; Free

Utterli - allows you to call a designated number, record a response then have it automatically posted to a specified blog; Used online and mobiles phone; Free



Visualiser - like an OHP but uses a camera; Hardware

Visuwords - graphical dictionary & thesaurus; Used online; Free

Vixy - online video converter

Voicetheread - group conversations around images; Used online; Free

VuSafe - the easy, secure way to find and share videos; Used online; Free



Web-Chops – Clip any part of a web page, save it and arrange onto a personal topic page; Used online; Free
Weblist - Create your list of URLs centered on a specific theme and Weblist will combine it to one easy to navigate URL; Used online; Free

Weebly - Create a free class website and let your students build sites too; Education version; Used online; Free

Westall's War - resources centred around World War 2; Used online; Free

Wetpaint - build your own website

Wii - Nintendo's gaming console; Hardware 

WikiEducator - directory of e-learning content; Free

Wikispaces - make your own collaborative documents; Used online; Free

Wink - create animated screen captures from your desktop; Downloadable app; Free

Wix - stunning Flash websites, newsletters, banners and more; No downloads; Free

Wizlite - highlight text on websites & share with others; Used online; Free

Wobook - create and sell magazines from your own content; Used online

Wordle - create word pictures from text files; Used online; Free

Wordpress -  blog writing tool; Used online; Free

WorldTV - create your own channels of themed videos; Used online; Free



Xtranormal - create animations from text; Used online; Try, share and buy.



Yacapaca - assessment platform; Used online; Free

YackPack - send audio feedback to grops; Used online; Free

YouTube - repository of videos; Used online; Free

YouTubeEdu - videos and channels from university partners, Free

Yugma - free web conferencing;m instantly share their desktop and ideas online; Free



Zamzar - convert files from one type to another including songs, videos, images and documents; Used online; Free

Zapitalism - business strategy game; Downloadable app; Free (trial basis)

Zoho - tools for productivity & collaboration; Used online; Free

Zotero - collect, manage & cite your research sources; Downloadable app; Free


2Simple - suite of many software tools for primary school use

21Classes - virtual classroom and blog portal; Used online; Free

12 - create and share up to 12 seconds of video; Used online; Free


Web 2.0 Resources for 21st Century Instruction

21st Century Technology Tools Revised

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