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Health and Safety

The club has a responsibility to keep members and visitors safe and provide suitable training, rescue facilities and an environment to minimise risk of accidental injury. Participants in club activities are required to adhere to club rules and any directions from the activity organiser or club officials. 

As at May 2015 the guidelines provided by Yachting NZ in their various publications are being used as the framework. See YNZ web site. For comprehensive safety incident report if there  is a serious incident fill out this form

 Essentially your email should say who you are, when and where the incident happened, who was involved and what happened, what action was taken and what was the result. Finally is this something that might re-occur and your suggestions on what we can do to stop re-occurrence. Click the email link below and  write up what you can to get things started.

To file a race day report, an incident report, a hazard report or training request or record email       pcscsafety@gmail.com

Boats sailing at Pt Chev must have buoyancy, tow eyes , beach trailer numbering, halyard releases and other safety items as prescribed by YNZ's standards. If rescue boats are flying green flags no boats should be on the water. It's too dangerous.