Hall Hire Overview

Raymond Reserve,
Raymond Street, Point Chevalier
PO Box 44094, Point Chevalier, Auckland

email pcsc.hallhire@gmail.com

Our Clubhouse at the end of Raymond Street (MAP) is available for hire!
The venue is available week days and weekends, but there are also a number of limitations (see tricky bits below!).

  • The Point Chevalier Sailing Club is in an attractive location, with beautiful sunsets. 
  • It is only fifteen minutes from the centre of Auckland, and is located right on the water, with wide upper harbour views.
  • There is plenty of free parking.
  • The Clubhouse has a kitchen from which you may self cater, or alternatively bring in your own caterer.
  • The kitchen has a large fridge, oven, microwave and continuous hot water for your use. 
  • You will need to supply your own cutlery, crockery, glassware, tea-towels, dishcloth and oven mitt. 
  • We have no in-house bar, nor any paid staff.
  • Liquor License - Required if you are selling alcohol or it is a ticketed event. Otherwise our liquor licence covers you to provide free drinks for you guests.
  • Included in the hire cost is a security guard present for evening functions between 8 pm and midnight.
  • We provide 10 trestles tables and 85 chairs, the room will seat 80 comfortably.
  • (Hall dimensions are 9.5 x 11.5 metres. Trestle tables: 10 at 2.4 x 0.75 metres)
  • If you are planning a Winter party the room will accommodate 100, and a Summer party will accommodate approximately 120.
  • Check out the page of  PHOTOGRAPHS to see what the Club looks like.
  • You may view the Clubrooms in person on any of the dates when they are being used for sailing (usually every second Sunday). You do not need an appointment for viewing, but you will need to explain your interest in making a booking on arrival at the Club. Once you have decided you would like to book the hall, email pcsc.hallhire@gmail.com to request a booking.
  • As of June 2020 we no longer accept bookings for 21st birthday parties. Please do not try to host a 21st at the Point Chevalier Sailing Club without mentioning this to us. Any attempt to bypass this restriction will result in the loss of your $1000.00 bond.

Evening Hire, This option allows for any event running later than 5pm. Booking period covers any time between 10am and midnight.
Week Day Hire,  This option caters for weekday hires between 8am and 5 pm.
Community Group Hire, covering regular weekly or monthly hire by community groups and non-profit organisations, e.g. meetings. E
mail us at pcsc.hallhire@gmail.com with your request and we will respond.

What is the cost?
Evening hire is $750 per full day / evening  including weekends, 10 am to midnight.  (This price includes a security guard between 8pm and midnight)
Weekday Hire is $250 per day.
8am - 5pm.
Community Group Hires, $25 per hour week days and evenings (prior to
8pm), for regular, ongoing bookings.

How to make a Booking:
1. Click this link to Booking Calendar page to see whether your preferred date is available.

2. If you have found a possible date,
email us at pcsc.hallhire@gmail.com with your request and we will respond. We will then arrange to meet you at the club to show you the venue.

3. If you wish to proceed we will send you invoices for the hall hire, including a $1000 bond invoice that will be repaid once the hire is complete and a $100 non-refundable deposit.

Please follow the instructions on the invoice regarding your reference and quoting the invoice number so we can track your payment. The bank account details are also on the invoice. We cannot accept payment by cheque, cash or credit card.



Tricky Bits:
Hall Hire Bookings for evening functions are limited to only one booking per week, out of respect for our immediate neighbours.  Our lease with the Auckland City Council restricts the number of hires (in any one year) which may finish at
midnight.  Once this limit is met, future functions will be expected to finish at 11pm.

Please be aware that the clubhouse is situated in a residential area.  All involved with the function are required to respect this by reducing their noise to the absolute minimum.  
This includes not only the Sailing Club Rooms, but the council reserve on which we are located and the surrounding streets.

The bond holder is responsible for the control of the function and all those associated with it.  The bond holder must ensure the premises are vacated in an orderly and quiet manner before the
12pm  (or 11pm) curfew. A midnight curfew means that your guest have departed earlier and you have completed all or most of your cleanup by midnight. You own headlights must be heading up the driveway by midnight as the council may lock the gates.
The midnight at the latest lockup and departure is not negotiable. For any period after midnight that the hall remains unlocked - even 5 minutes - we will charge two penalties. The first 5-30 minutes for late lock up will incur a $50 overtime fee to the security guard company and a $200.00 penalty from PCSC that will be subtracted from your bond return. The security guard will stay onsite and will timestamp the time of lock up for our records. Any late lock up beyond 12.30 am will result in loss of your $1000.00 bond.
Although we allow a midnight / (11pm) curfew, the Auckland Council impose noise control regulations at 10pm . You are expected to abide by these.  Please see a copy of guidelines issued to us by the  Auckland City Council at the bottom of this page.  If Noise control are called in, we will not take responsibility.  

We ask that in order to retain the goodwill of our neighbours you observe the following;  Close the door to the street at
10pm, refrain from loud talking outside, and refrain from revving car engines when leaving the venue.

Any failure to comply with conditions of hire will result in the full or partial loss of your bond.

As a Community Organisation, the Sailing Club does not promote the irresponsible consumption of alcohol.  A responsible host should not encourage excess drinking in an inappropriate area.  
There is an ACC alcohol ban in all public areas surrounding the Club.

Below are some details regarding noise levels during your hire.

Auckland City Council Consolidated Bylaw 1998.


Noise Levels.

The L10 noise level and maximum level (Lmax) arising from any activity measured at or within the boundary of any residential zoned property shall not exceed the following limits:

Monday to Saturday                    7.00am - 10.00pm   L10 55dBA

Sunday & Public Holidays            9.00am - 6.00pm     L10 55dBA

At all other times                        L10 40 dBA

Lmax 75dBA, or background (L95) plus 30dBA, whichever is the lower.

Approximate Sound Levels in Decibels

Police siren: 118

Rock band, disco: 115

Missing muffler: 115

Circular saw: 107

Heavy truck at 90 feet (40 mph): 99

Basically, be aware of the neighbours, especially after 10PM, or the security officer will have to close your function down and bond refund may be impacted..

People leaving the function also need to be quiet talking outside after 11 and cars to leave quietly. Noise carries extremely well in the area so please warn your people.