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I am publishing the following mail as an open letter with due permission. I did write back to the writer. I wish this mail below may have fresh information for you.Shobha is also referring to other online content, published by others. - Editor

Dear Mr. Philipose Vaidyar,

It is indeed a pleasure to be introduced to you through the BLOG which you have created for my father, Rev. P.T.Chandapilla.
It was brought to my notice by my daughter Shobha. And she copied her message to all in the family (her siblings and I).
I wish to place before you her message below:

And then over the phone as we chatted, she asked me this....

"Mama, why is it that in all the messages placed on the web and internet about Papa, (Rev. P.T.Chandapilla) there is no reference to Nani (Mrs. Dorothy Chandapilla - DORA as she was called) or to you as his daughter or to any of us as his family?"

I am writing this email to you because I noticed that your BLOG cannot be edited or written to and therefore this email with copy to the Maxims (Ginny and Bill) dear friends of my father and our family and a few of prayer partners with our family of the multitudes that knew my father, speak about him and seem to cherish his memories and teaching.

Also dear brother, when Jesus heard that Lazarus, brother of Mary and Martha was dead he went to them to join them in their sorrow and he raised Lazarus from the dead. It was not that he raised Lazarus amidst the crowd and excluding his dear ones and beloved family.

I think all that has been written has missed by far the HEART of PT CHANDAPILLA and the suffering he experienced because of the pain in his own family. He met issues related to abuse, violence in Christian marriage, court cases and false accusations wherein he was also charge-sheeted with my mother falsely, where he visited prison to meet me and where he carried the challenge of little children who were disowned "as not of natural guardianship" by their own father, a Christian leader and while he suffered deeply, stood alone in this part of his life, he led us and taught us not to respond with a tooth for a tooth or an eye for an eye but to keep our eyes fixed on our savior and Lord, Jesus only.

I wanted to share with you, in the testimony and witness of those who have loved us and stood with us and worked alongside my father and mother and continue to care and pray for us, the family of Bro. Chanda, these words of a child who has known the Lord Jesus because of her GRANDPARENTS -- both my father, who was seen publicly and my mother, whom most never knew except for a very few who really understood and knew my father. He would never have been where he was if it weren't for my mother. His grandchildren framed him in a manner like never before. As he said to me GOD IS A FATHER and NOT A GRANDFATHER! This he learnt when he tried to be father to three of his grandchildren. I only wish that those who knew him would have known him more in his suffering which capped his life longer than that which is known. 

So Brother Philpose, I don't know you, I don't recall your name and did not see you beside my father in the last years of his great suffering, I merely wished to tell you that the witness of his life does not exist without my mother and the message of my father is in the lives he bled for and bred -- a few unknown people I thought you should meet -- Sneha, Shobha, Sushil and Siddharth and their mother Susan.

Many blessings and thanks.
Regards in our Lord Jesus,

Susan Usha D'Souza Chandapilla