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A Tribute to Very Rev. P. T. Chandapilla
18 March 1926   -    4 December 2010

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Chennai   5 December 2010

A sincere, simple, servant in the hands of a Master Trainer, I would like to phrase that way without much articulation, about this very great personality. I may be the least among many thousands to write about this man of God with my too little interactions and personal meetings with him. I believe, he had transcended all human titles, so I would call him "Chandapilla" with great respect and reverence similar to any men of God whom we address from the Bible.

Once during a personal interaction with Chadapilla, about seven or eight years ago, I asked him about  any document available on the life of a personality; he bent close to me and  asked "No, can you do that?".
When I smiled at that, he repeated,"seriously, can you do that?"
I would love doing a desire he expressed about someone for him instead. I did not have this easy media then.

There may be stories available on Chandapilla or the Church and organizations he led can and do better. ( I am sure they will in an year's time) But these scribbling is a humble attempt to bring you some life testimonies about him which may otherwise never be heard at least this way.
These draft pages are words straight from the heart of people who knew him personally, worked with him and learned from Him.

May these pages inspire you.

Contact me if you would like to share your experiences or thoughts too.

Philipose Vaidyar (Scribe/Editor)

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Note: All the sources are credited, the editor does not hold any responsibility for any inaccuracy of details. However, the writer can make corrections- Editor
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