Outdoor Lab Foundation

Jefferson County Passes 3A & 3B!


..what does this mean for Outdoor lab?

So do Outdoor Lab Schools stay open? If The Outdoor Lab Foundation (OLF) has anything to say about it,  

yes they do! It was through a community effort that so many people came together to make sure the lab schools remained open for this last school year. In the past 12 months, OLF worked with the Community Task Force to present a sustainability plan that the school board was able to approve to keep the schools open for another year. This plan is positioned to go forward for many years to come.


So what's our part as a community? The Outdoor Lab Foundation (OLF) is charged with paying for the physical repairs to the two sites first and foremost. They do this through grants, corporate sponsorships, King Soopers cards, individual donations and events. It's this work right now that is enabling them to pay for huge repairs needed at both schools sites that will total over $2.3 million in the next few years. Together they will raise over $200,000 via the King Soopers card program this year to help families pay their tuition to attend the lab schools. They are committed to contributing over $50,000 in cash and in-kind donations to help the lab schools offset their huge budget cuts this year. They advocate for the program in the community and create public/private partnerships to shore-up the future of the schools. 


Why Outdoor Lab?

This amazing 54-year-old program is unique. It is the district-owned program AND properties that enable children to get away, stretch into their surroundings, learn to become stewards of the environment, themselves and of others. It's a rite of passage that marks the end of young childhood and moves into the independence of adolescence. It's a safe place to try out new learning techniques and try out relating to classmates in a new way.

This year the curriculum was updated to stay on the cutting edge of education. Students learn about hydrology, ecology, navigation, astronomy, physics and initiatives in a whole new way. The teachers and students are invigorated by the changes and this plan is being replicated by other programs who consider it to be innovative. For more information check out the website. 





This is where you come in.


Please join today in helping the Lab Schools THRIVE- not just survive. Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to the Foundation to help do this important work.


December 4 is Colorado Gives Day. On that day people will join together to "give where they live". This is an amazing way to help the Outdoor Lab Foundation. In fact, you can pre-schedule your donation today. One-hundred percent of the contributions go to the Outdoor Lab Foundation, no credit card fees or other administrative costs AND there is an incentive fund to help stretch the value of your donation. Show your support here! 


When you give, know that every dollar will be wisely spent. Know that the principals and staff are striving for the best possible experience for your children and all the students who attend Outdoor Lab. Know that the Foundation is working tirelessly to carry on the legacy of the program for generations to come.


Most of all, be assured of a heartfelt thanks for whatever you can give.