In case you were ever wondering about what exactly your PTA does for our children, then read on...

Your GE Wilson PTA holds various events throughout the year in order to provide some family fun and at the same time raise money to give back to the students for many school functions. 
Some examples of the events you can look forward to are: 
 Scholastic Book Fairs, The Holiday Shoppe, Trenton Thunder Night and snack sales at the Parent / Teacher Basketball Night at Hamilton High West.

Those are just a few that are annual favorites. We are always looking to do new and interesting things for our kids.
All monies collected from the events as well as PTA membership fees get reinvested towards the kids and are used to help fund different functions like school trips, snacks for students during testing weeks, monetary and/or equipment donations directly to the school and providing the festivities for the 5th Grade Celebration. 

Again, these are just a few of the many wonderful things the PTA does for the kids. We are always looking for new ideas, so if you have some, drop us a line and let us know.

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NEWS NOW - The most current update we have to offer. What is new on the site, or an announcement of an event or when the next PTA Meeting is. 

OFFICERS -  This page lists the current PTA Officers. If you need to contact them, there is a form you may fill out and they will receive it when you click the submit button. if you give us your email address, and you can be added to our contact list and receive important updates and information via email.

CALENDAR - You will see 2 calendars on this page. One is the PTA Calendar which shows the events that are scheduled. Click an event and see some info on it. 
The other is the Hamilton Twp District Calendar.

NEWS AND INFORMATION - Here is where you can find an online volunteer form if you want to help out. Fill it out and click submit. Someone will contact you. There is also a link to the New "Filing Cabinet"  where you will be able to find all the flyers and other PTA Documents. Can't find one, click the email link and send an email. We will get you what you need.

TEACHER SITES - This is the actual Wilson School Teachers' Web Pages. If you need information from a classroom, click and go....

BOOSTERS - This is where we thank people and local businesses that lend support throughout the year. 

GAME TIME - Wind down with a classic arcade game....