Teacher Luncheons

Jouett PTA Teacher Luncheons

PTA provides lunch for our staff the first Friday of every month. We are looking for volunteers to help out in a variety of different ways. The PTA needs people to make or buy various food items each month. We are also looking for volunteers to help decorate the tables and teachers’ lounge, as well as to serve lunch. Set-up begins around 10:00, as the first group eats at 10:30. Clean up is around 1:30. If you are interested in helping out with Teacher Luncheons, please contact Meg Ryan: jesptavolunteers@gmail.com

September – Salad Bar: Green salads with all the fixin’s and toppings, pasta salads, jello salads, fruit salads, etc. Use all that yummy produce from your gardens! We will also need desserts and bread/rolls.

October – Potato Bar: Baked potatoes topped with all kinds of veggies, cheese, chili, etc. We will also need yummy desserts.

November – Soups and Chili: Share your favorite homemade or store-bought soups and chili! Or bake some cornbread, rolls/bread. We will also need desserts and crackers.

December – Pasta Bar/Italian: We will have a pasta bar with different sauces/toppings, along with other traditional Italian dishes and desserts.

January – Family Favorites: Make your family’s favorite dish or comfort food! Share a taste of your hometown with a dish or dessert.

February – Chinese Food: Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a variety of Chinese dishes and desserts.

March – Taco Bar/Mexican: We will need beef, chicken, veggies and lots of toppings to create a great taco bar! Or send in your favorite Mexican dish or dessert.

April – Play Ball!: Be creative with topping your hot dog – we want to represent all parts of the country with their traditional hot dogs/toppings. We will need lots of cracker jacks and other ballpark foods as well.

May – Dessert Bar: Chocolate and more! Send in your favorite food to dip in chocolate or a decadent dessert – chocolate or otherwise – to celebrate the end of the year!