The Accountability Committee provides a great way for Devinny parents to learn about the school. Discussions include such topics as student assessments, student survey results, school budget, and goals. All Devinny parents are welcome at every meeting.  Come ask questions and share your ideas. 

This committee assists school administrators by:

  • Reviewing existing achievement results
  • Identifying areas to improve at the school and increase student performance
  • Providing feedback on the school improvement plans
  • Providing input into spending priorities and ensuring spending is aligned with the improvement plan
  • Monitoring educational progress

Participating in the Accountability Committes provides the following benefits to participants:

  • Being informed about school performance
  • Ability to provide input that may promote positive change in the school
  • A better understanding of how the school operates and the reasons for particular policies and practices.

If you have ideas for topics to discuss at future Accountability Committee meetings, please email Accountability Chair Kathryn Rooney at