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Staff Appreciation Week

Here at Ballentine, Staff Appreciation Week (May 6-10) is serious business.  We love to show our staff how much we appreciate the hard work and dedication they show all year long!  It's so easy to help.  Each day has a theme.

Donate items 
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Volunteer your time 
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Monday - Beignets and Coffee Bar

    We are bringing out Mr. A's Beignets to serve up a delicious breakfast for our staff!  After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
    Also on tap is Starbuck's coffee to keep them going throughout the day.  Piping hot coffee along with creamers to suit every taste.

Tuesday - Staff Dinner

    The PTA provides an off campus dinner for the Ballentine Teachers and Staff to enjoy.  It's a great evening at the Bass Lake Retreat Center!

Wednesday - Teacher Supplies

    Help supply our teacher with everything they want and need to finish off the year in style.  Shop here for convenience.  
    You can even select the Ballentine PTA for the shipping address (look under other when choosing the address) during checkout so you don't even have to take your items to school!

Thursday - Smoothies and Snack Cart

    This is always a big hit.  We blend up fresh fruit and yogurt smoothies for the staff and serve it alongside other treats.  The snack cart even shows up to each classroom for them to enjoy!

Friday - Popcorn Bar

    New this year!


Monday - Give a hug or high five
Tuesday - Bring a sweet treat
Wednesday - Bring in a fresh cut flower
Thursday - Write a kind note
Friday - Draw a picture or create a piece of art