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  • Feb. 2: STEM Night
  • Feb. 3-10Scholastic Book Fair! 
  • Feb. 7, 7-8pm PTA Meeting-Family Reading Night, meet in Media Center
  • March 7, 7-8pm PTA Meeting
  • April 4, 7-8pm PTA Meeting
  • May 9, 7-8pm PTA Meeting
  • June 6, 7-8pm PTA Meeting

The TPES Book Fair Begins Friday February 3!!
More info HERE on the Book Fair.

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Minds on the Move: Improving Student Health, Behavior and Performance

"Minds on the Move" documents three TPES teachers' efforts to incorporate more physical activity into their classrooms.

View it now!

The video was created with the support of the Takoma Foundation as part of the PTA's "Move More! Sit Less" campaign.

In the video, Ms. Campbell (Kindergarten), Mr. Paredes (1st grade), and Mrs. Croft (2nd grade) talk about the benefits and challenges of active seating and other kinds of movement in their everyday work.

Special thanks go to these three teachers, Dr. Gadsden, and the entire TPES staff for their support of the video and "Move More! Sit Less."

The PTA is also indebted to former TPES parent Kim Connell of RAINLAKE (rainlake.com) for dedicating her amazing filmmaking talents to this project!

TPES: Moving More in the Classroom

Parent photographers helped document our active classrooms as part of the PTA's "Move More! Sit Less" campaign." Check out their photos at movemore.smugmug.com.

Thank you to parent photographers Stephen Bobb, Cara Honzak, and Sarah Sorvalis!