Welcome to Psy302, Inferential Statistics! I'm your instructor Ji Son (most students just call me Dr. Ji) and this is one of my favorite classes to teach. I look forward to getting to know each of you and having a quantitative reasoning adventure along the way.

The course provides an introduction to inferential statistics, the written and oral presentation of statistical results, and the use of statistical software (Excel/SPSS). The focus of this course is on a conceptual understanding of the major concepts in statistics (see Learning/Teaching Philosophy as well as the specific conceptual goals for this course).

You can use this website to download the syllabus, check out the schedule, get homework/labwork assignments, download notes (preferably before class meets), and check out other online extras. This course is a face-to-face course, but the materials posted on this website will be essential for your success. I recommend bookmarking this course website for the duration of the quarter.

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