Deciphering Avys

<KingK> is truths avvy a muse?
<Rimblade> Looks more like Gabriel to me.  Or a trick-or-treater.
<KingK> hehe.
<KingK> couldnt really tell he has a pipe so i figured it was a muse.
<KingK> he/she*
<Maxwell> To be fair it has no gender.
<Maxwell> so "it"

<lightbringerlord> What is that yellow line at Truth's picture?
<lightbringerlord> a river?
<Maxwell> you mean Lies?
<DFW|HW> Most likely a road.
<lightbringerlord> Oh soryy it was Lies' pic. My fault..
<lightbringerlord> *sorry
<Maxwell> None of the full picture is on the avatar images.
<lightbringerlord> figures.
<KingK> i know.
<KingK> is lies from an african legend?
<KingK> Lie's avvy*
<Maxwell> I can not say.
<KingK> because if so it looks familiar.
<KingK> i dunno maybe the story of the dog and the wolf.
<Rimblade> Ah-ha!  I went north and discovered the secret town of Frostvale!
<Rimblade> Even as we speak, I am negotiating with the native moglin sultanate.
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<lightbringerlord> Black 1134 knows stuff more than we do?
<KingK> seems to think so.
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<KingK> most likely yet another ego on a rampage.
<Rimblade> Speak of the Moglinster...
<KingK> lol
<Maxwell> be sure to tell him that
<KingK> you the black from the forums?
<Black> .14Yes.
<Maxx> Hello, Black.
<KingK> what makes you think you know more then us about all this?
<Black> .14Hello, all.
<KingK> happy maxwell?
<Black> .14When did I say that? Please do tell.
<KingK> didnt get an answer o moving on.
* Maxx gives Black some cookies.
<lightbringerlord> here
<KingK> nothing.
* KingK sighs
<Dalefanwill> Must you cause an arguement? I'm really not in the mood for it.
<Black> .06*Eats cookies
<KingK> thanks lbl.really thanks.
<Maxwell> This has nothing to do with the clues or AQ.
<KingK> must you talk to me really im not in the mood for it.
<Maxx> May I know the reason for the avvy change now, Black?
<Maxwell> What is the best way to get rid of a runny nose fast?
<Black> .14You right, I don't I just wanted cookies!
<Maxwell> It is killing me.
<Dalefanwill> I wasn't talking to you in the first place, Kingk.
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<KingK> ah ok.
* Maxx shakes his head in frustration.
<Crash> Maxwell: Cut it off.
<Maxwell> I took some allergy medicine
<Maxwell> but yeah that did not work
<Dalefanwill> Put cotton balls in your nostrils. :/
<Maxwell> That will be sure to make it go away...
<Rimblade> I advise a hot shower, blowing your nose a lot, and then cold drinks.
<Maxwell> damn.. I messed that up
<Maxwell> I had a hot drink and took a pretty cold shower
<KingK> runny nose? easy use some nasal spray helps alot.
<Maxwell> Ran out of hot water.. that was a great way to start the morning.
<Maxwell> So yeah, I am having bad days left and right...
* Dalefanwill patpats
<Maxx> At least you haven't caught yourself on fire yet.
<Dalefanwill> heh.
<Maxx> Or, am I assuming too much?
<KingK> well you know what they say,once you hit rock bottom the only way to go is up :P
<KingK> :)*
<KingK> lol ladies and gentlemen richard pryor
* KingK sighs
<Rimblade> That's not true at all, KingK- I had a cold the night before Christmas: it was a nasty thing, and I thought I had hit rock bottom.  Christmas day, I got up and fell over- I'd completely lost my sense of balance :P
<Rimblade> You see?  Rock is permeable after all :o
<Maxwell> Tenshi Zensen is starting to get a bit crazy.
<Maxwell> Which is nice.
<Maxwell> There is an island that is the back of a giant sea turtle, and the island moves around.
<Maxx> Aye, sea turtles.
<Maxwell> And an island that is nothing more than a big mushroom growing out of a tiny island under it.
<Maxwell> But the mushroom is huge, so that is the real island.
<Rimblade> What happens if the Turtle gets hit by a meteor?
<Maxwell> I would guess it would die or get hurt really bad?
<KingK> what happens if you eat the mushroom?
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<KingK> me see pretty colors.
<Maxwell> I doubt anyone could eat it all.
<Maxx> Greetings, Silence.
<Maxwell> And I dont think you can eat it..
<KingK> that big?
<Silence> Ello all.
<Maxwell> yeah that big
<lightbringerlord> What if The'Galin eat the mushroom.
<lightbringerlord> ?
<Maxwell> Well, Tenshi has no The'Galin.
<Maxwell> So...
<KingK> well hell theres always turtle suop when the meteor comes.
<KingK> soup*
<lightbringerlord> What if Lost ends at 3rd season?
<Maxwell> I am just saying, it is very farfetched and silly at times.
<Maxwell> That wont happen.
<Maxwell> Satan and I have a deal about that...
<Maxwell> It wont happen.
<Maxx> Hmm, I've checked the vault, the library, and the map in the game; and I'm not seeing anything new.
* lightbringerlord laughs
<lightbringerlord> Checked Fal?
<Maxwell> I would read into the message not look around.
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<Dalefanwill> So the message has more meaning than the pictures?
<Maxx> Hello again, Black.
<Blackisjustwatching> .14I'm just watching, please ignore me.
* lightbringerlord puts black to his ignore list
<lightbringerlord> lol
<lightbringerlord> On the second thought
<lightbringerlord> That wasn't so funny.
* Maxwell changes topic to 'You won the race, but lost your mind. Was it worth it after all? .'
<Blackisjustwatching> .14I'm just going to watch. so go on without me. Not going to mis it if mat shows up.
<Maxx> I'd rather we have your opinion included, Black.
<Blackisjustwatching> .14Fine, Fine
<Maxwell> I have yet to see any real discussion.
<Dalefanwill> <Dalefanwill> So the message has more meaning than the pictures?
<Dalefanwill> (Directed at you, Maxwell)
<Maxwell> It has more meaning than you think, I would guess.
<Maxx> Lies's and Maxwell's avvies seem to both be raining fire.
<lightbringerlord> I wish we would see all of the pic.
<Dalefanwill> Lies seems like it's (Or at least what appears to be) a road going into the sky.
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<lightbringerlord> to north.
<Dalefanwill> Exactly
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<Dalefanwill> :P
<Dalefanwill> And notice the markings next to the colors on the pillar in Maxwell's? Could they possibly be runes?
<Maxwell> I doubt it.
<Maxwell> Not Cor-Dem runes.

<Dalefanwill> Negh Rak, then? Or are they the same?
<Maxx> Each of the first three messages seem to go along with the avvy.
<Maxx> "Time to wake up" because we are falling.
<Maxx> "Lift up your eyes" with an angel playing.
<Maxwell> playing?
<Dalefanwill> Or are lying there asleep. It's hard to tell if they're falling, or already on the ground.
<Maxwell> That is funny.
<Maxx> And, "look north" with the wolves looking.
<Maxwell> Yes, but what are they looking at?
<Maxx> Playing an instrument of some type.
<Dalefanwill> The sky?
<lightbringerlord> sky vurning?
<Maxwell> What do angels play?
<Maxwell> What do wolves look up to?

<Maxx> A flute or horn most probably.
<lightbringerlord> *burning
<Dalefanwill> Wolves look to the moon, I think.
<Maxwell> That is all I have to say.
<Maxx> The moon.
<Dalefanwill> Bah.
<Maxx> Heralding angels play a trumpet of sorts, IIRC.
<lightbringerlord> they looking to a black object.
<Rimblade> Er, the Moon?  I don't wanna look up at it- It's looking back at me ;_;
<lightbringerlord> You can see the black object barely.
<Dalefanwill> hmm
<Dalefanwill> Most angels have white wings, not red ones...
<Dalefanwill> Or Black, whatever color they are.
<Maxx> Didn't Demu mention picking up workers on a moon recently?
<lightbringerlord> But what does those wolfs represent?
<Dalefanwill> I have a theory, it's just highly unlikely.
<lightbringerlord> ((Hmm..Nightbane had a an academy.))
<Dalefanwill> (About the wolves)
<lightbringerlord> Go on.
<Dalefanwill> Oh wait, nevermind, sorry.
<Dalefanwill> (( Bah. -_- ))
<lightbringerlord> What was it anyway?
<Dalefanwill> I just remembered, Cor Dem ships aren't spherical, so nevermind.
<lightbringerlord> ok.
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<Maxx> Found it: [09:40] Demu: no we land on moon
<Maxx> [09:40] Demu: collect workers
<Maxwell> that could be any moon
<Maxwell> anywhere

<Maxx> Yes, it could.
<Dalefanwill> But it's a start, at least.
<Maxx> I never said it was the Terran moon.
<Maxx> It could be the moon we fired the "laser" at.   ;P
<lightbringerlord> The Terran Moon doesn't have an atmophere.
<lightbringerlord> *atmosphere
<Rimblade> LASER!  I love the laser.
<Maxx> I wonder if Lore's moon is considered the Outlands.
<Maxx> Or, is that way too far-fetched?
<lightbringerlord> Gate of the outland is a rocket launch pad then
<Maxx> I'd still like to know why Black's avvy changed into what it used to be.
<Maxx> I even gave cookies.
<lightbringerlord> it was a kitty before.
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<Maxx> The gate could also be a transporter.
<Swenn> Hello everyone!
<Maxx> There's one in the Guardian Tower.
<Maxx> Hello, Swenn.
<lightbringerlord> There are no guardians protecti...
<lightbringerlord> oh waiy
<lightbringerlord> *wait
<Swenn> What's the nine'th avater?
<lightbringerlord> dunno
<lightbringerlord> We are the guardians protecting the portal but...
<lightbringerlord> makes no sense.
<Maxx> I think Omega is the nineth and Hope is the tenth.
<Dalefanwill> We're getting distracted here...
<Swenn> omega is the devourour?:S
<lightbringerlord> yep.
<Dalefanwill> It would appear.
<Maxx> An Agent of the Devourer.
<Maxx> I do not think they are one in the same.
<Swenn> but let's take an look at the pics
<lightbringerlord> You said Maxwell's pic look like a light house.
<lightbringerlord> A beacon.
<Swenn> maxxwel's look like some sort of machine/clock thing
<Swenn> it;s te rain of fire
<lightbringerlord> oh did you say it was a clock..
<Swenn> look
<Swenn> very close
<KingK> sorry back,we find anything out or still in the dark?
<lightbringerlord> ah yes.
<Swenn> people are death
<lightbringerlord> *dead
<Swenn> and fire is coming from the thing:p
<Swenn> yes sorry:p
<lightbringerlord> I think there is water rising.
<lightbringerlord> Or it is an illision.
<lightbringerlord> *the
<KingK> maxwell actually said that he "thinks"its false hope.
<lightbringerlord> oh wait.
<Maxx> The column with fire coming out in Maxwell's avvy looks like it has a lid on top that opened.
<lightbringerlord> There is fire in all of the pics.
<KingK> no.....
<lightbringerlord> There is a rain of fire at Maxwell's pic.
<Maxx> Hair of fire in Truth's avvy?
<Swenn> the scond one
<lightbringerlord> Truth's avys hair look like fire.
<Swenn> red wings?:S
<lightbringerlord> yeah
<KingK> ah see what you mean.
<lightbringerlord> and at Lies' avy there are two flames of fire.
<KingK> hold on now calling them flames is going a bit out there.
<Dalefanwill> It appears that there is a road leading the wolves north.
<Dalefanwill> :/
<lightbringerlord> to the clouds?
<Dalefanwill> It isn't INTO the clouds, it's an illusion.
<Dalefanwill> It's to the mountains.
<Dalefanwill> There ARE mountains in that picture
<KingK> sems like...beat me to it.
<KingK> seems*
<Maxx> I agree Dale.
<KingK> you just figured that out?
<KingK> hehe smoke mountain
<KingK> the monster there also has a roman numeral on his arm.
<Dalefanwill> And mountains generally have Ice/snow on their peaks.
<KingK> coincidence? maybe not.
<Maxx> Which monster, KingK?
<Maxx> Tharg?
<KingK> yes.
<KingK> just a guess though dont mind what i say.
<lightbringerlord> There are still fire orb fragments there.
<lightbringerlord> At the smoke mountain.
<Maxx> I haven't ventured there in a while.  I'd have to go look.
<KingK> 2 steps ahead mxx.
<KingK> maxx*
<Dalefanwill> I doubt that those are the Smoke Mts.
<Swenn> g2g!eating
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<KingK> just a guess
<Dalefanwill> I was aware.
<KingK> only for the fact of similarities.
<Dalefanwill> I know.
<KingK> great.
<lightbringerlord> A rain of fire happened on smoke mountains a while ago.
<KingK> i happy for you.
<Dalefanwill> When LBL?
<lightbringerlord> 2 years ago?
<lightbringerlord> IX!
<Maxx> It's a "9" on Tharg's shoulder.
<KingK> yea.
<Dalefanwill> Ohh, good find Kingk and Maxx.
<KingK> noticed it before he even came in-game :P
<Maxx> KingK did most of it.
<Dalefanwill> I'm positive that has something to do with their new titles.
<Dalefanwill> But for now, I take my leave of you.
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<Maxx> Later, Dale.
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<lightbringerlord> so
<lightbringerlord> Number nine.
<KingK> please though dont go by what i say every time i think ive gotten a logical idea its proven illogical so dont rely on what i say
<KingK> .*
<Dale|GettingReady> Yes, but this time, It pertains to their titles, so it could very well be a clue.
<KingK> i hope so
<KingK> i only hope im not leading people the wrong way.
<lightbringerlord> Maybe they are numbered creatures and places at all of of Lore.
<Dale|GettingReady> I suggest we research Truth's picture.
<lightbringerlord> Swenn mentioned Maxwell's pic looks like a clock
<KingK> the angel right?
<KingK> yeah it does.
<Dale|GettingReady> We have very little on it, other then it's an angel of some sort, and it's playing an instrument.
<lightbringerlord> Isle D'Oriens?
<Maxwell> To obtain knowledge one must seek it.
<lightbringerlord> Let's look arround the old not-ticking clock
<KingK> <KingK> looks to me like a volcano that got opened....or something.
<KingK> <Maxwell> it looks like false hope to me
<Dale|GettingReady> It's as I thought. The colors on that pillar are all the colors of runes.
<Maxwell> But there are 8 colored runes, and only seven in the image.
<Dale|GettingReady> Grr
<lightbringerlord> The picture isn't complete.
<KingK> the 8th is blank.
<Maxwell> I can tell you, it only has seven.
<KingK> the very top where its cracked and spitting there is a blank spot.
<KingK> ah never mind then.
<KingK> is it religious in anyway?
<Maxwell> You could say that.
<Dale|GettingReady> Anyways, Farewell. And good luck.
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<KingK> hm.
<KingK> later dale.
<KingK> now is the religion dated back to only a few centuries or is it ancient?
<Maxwell> I can not say.
<lightbringerlord> 20th century
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<lightbringerlord> maybe.
<Maxwell> I never said it was a religion.
<Swenn> Hello
<KingK> ah.
<KingK> is it mythological?
<Maxwell> Is it?
<Dale|Gone> You could say that....
<Dale|Gone> Hm..
<KingK> pompe?
<KingK> lol i dunno mount with fire whatever.
<Dale|Gone> Pompeii, IIRC.
<KingK> lol sorry.
<Swenn> that would maybe explain the wolfs
<KingK> how so?
<Swenn> don;t know how they're called in english but we call them romulus and remus
<Swenn> founders of rome
<Swenn> well
<KingK> ah.
<Swenn> you know that story?
<Dale|Gone> I've heard, a while back.
<KingK> vaguely
<Swenn> wel pompeii has if I ame correct an sort like story
<Swenn> let me check it on wikipedia
<KingK> two steps ahead :P
<Dale|Gone> Check another source as well.
<Swenn> yes but check abut pompeii now:p
<Dale|Gone> You should always check what Wikipedia says against another source, what with free editing and all.
<KingK> yeah i know.
<Maxx> Of course, don't want to get caught in Wikiality.
<KingK> ell one fact is they were sons of mars
<KingK> well*
<Swenn> but anyway..Maybe those picures are the prophecy
<Swenn> rain of fire-maxxwel
<Swenn> rain of ice-frostvale
<lightbringerlord> Maxwell? Explain
<Swenn> ??-truth
<Swenn> look at maxwell's avater
<lightbringerlord> ah ok.
<Swenn> devoruing-lies
<Swenn> maybe the messenger is truth
<Swenn> *Truth's avatar
<lightbringerlord> a Brihaldo?
<KingK> are we even sure its a brilhado?
<Maxwell> Are you sure of anything?
<lightbringerlord> are we?
<KingK> not really
<Swenn> I gues you won't tell us if it is one eh maxxwel?
<KingK> so whats the deal today max? only when were right you answer or what?
<Maxwell> You think you are right?
<Maxwell> Sorry, you are not.

<KingK> no im asking.
<Maxx> Good point.  Did we decide exactly what instrument the angel is playing?
<Rimblade> It's a glockenshpiel
<Dale|Gone> XD
<Maxwell> Trumpet...
<Rimblade> No, that's spelled Glockensphiel.  Right.
<Dale|Gone> I would say a flute, but that's just too obvious
<Swenn> Is it important?
<Dale|Gone> A piccolo, perhaps?
<Dale|Gone> Or however you spell that damned instrument.
<Maxx> * Glockenschpiel
<KingK> the whole tharg and smoke mount thing was wrong too right?
<KingK> maxwell?
<Maxwell> Well the number would fit with Tharg.
<Maxwell> You got that right.

<Dale|Gone> Yay! We got something.
<KingK> as for the mount though?
<Maxwell> Yes, but something very little.
<KingK> hey we told you yesterday
<KingK> a little can turn into a lot.
<Maxwell> And I doubt it would help you any.
<KingK> wow i think maxwells got no hope for us at all/
<KingK> .*
<Maxwell> Should I?
<KingK> nah
<Maxx> I would think we need to have hope for ourselves first.
<Dale|Gone> No. We've shown you how idiotic we can be, It's a wonder you've tolerated us this long.
<Maxwell> I have yet to see any real attempt to solve where the images are from or what they mean.
<Maxwell> Other than guessing random ideas.

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<lightbringerlord> Unfortunately, I can't help you today.
<lightbringerlord> ((ý must finish the 2nd season of Lost!))
<lightbringerlord> *I
<lightbringerlord> See you later.
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<Maxx> Well, I get about 346,000 results for "volcano" in Google Images.
* Crash has quit IRC (Interred: Back whenever.)
<Maxwell> You all seem dead.
* Maxwell grins
<Maxx> Sorry, I'm looking.
<Rimblade> And what is wrong with that, pray tell?
<Maxx> Is that the idea, Maxwell?  Give us false hope, red herrings, and wild goose chases.
<Maxwell> no
<Maxwell> I gave you much if you can find it.

<Maxx> Good, then I'll keep looking.
<Maxwell> It seems you would be the only one.
<Maxx> I'm obsessive-compulsive in that way, I guess.
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<Daniel> Heya everyone.
<Maxwell> hello
<Maxx> Hi, Daniel
<Daniel> Hopefully the translator php script I posted is easy enough to understand that people can change it to suit their needs at will?
<Maxx> Yeah, but do you have a good way to search online for an image?
<Daniel> What kind of image are you searching for?
<Maxx> The three avvies from Maxwell's post on the forums.
<Daniel> Which ones have you found?
<Maxx> None.
<Daniel> The angel looks like it was drawn in the Greek times, so I would look through Greek paintings for that.
<Daniel> Possibly Roman too though.
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<Daniel> Not so sure about the others, but nothing looks post-Renaissance to me. Since I don't know the larger image however, I can't really assume anything.
<Mobuis> Hm, i won a race? Do i get a cookie?
<Maxx> Maxwell has suggested that the larger images are what we should find.
<Daniel> Yeah. The angel's hair makes it look Greek or Roman.
<Rimblade> ....
<Maxwell> Does that mean something or does it just mean dot dot dot dot
<Maxwell> :P
<Maxx> I wasn't here when Maxwell first logged in, so it's quite possible I don't have all the clues he gave this morning.
<Maxx> You might be on to something though, Daniel, since the numbers in the titles are Roman.
<Mobuis> Er, what ya'll talken about?
<Mobuis> Some new clue?
<Mobuis> Oh, medivel.
<Mobuis> Quite nice reference, the black knigth riding or bringing death i'd think.
<Mobuis> Oh, the angel's playing a flute.
<Mobuis> Guess i'm not the only one.
<Daniel> That's not a flute...
<Maxx> Gah! Maxwell changed his.
<Maxx> And, the number.
<Maxwell> Forget what the last numebr and picture was did you?
<Maxwell> number

<Maxx> XVI and the volcano
<Maxx> I had a second (older) window open.
<Maxwell> volcano?
* Daniel quickly saves the current three *
<Maxx> Or, "boomstick" if you prefer.
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<mistermafio> hello
<Maxx> Hello, mafio.
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* Tralin sets mode: +v Mobuis
<Mobuis> Meep. ._.
<Maxwell> The numbers and pictures do go together.
<Maxwell> They are not two very random things.

<Mobuis> Do they have an order or something?
<Maxx> Then, it's a good thing I saved the pics with those titles.  :)
<Maxx> Will there be 20 "cards" then?
<Maxwell> cards?
<Daniel> The black knight could be a rider of the apocalypse.
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<Maxx> I'm trying to make connections: from the prophecy yesterday a "Card Thirteen" was mentioned.
<Maxwell> when was "Card Thirteen"mentioned?
<Maxx> Galrick's deciphered blog post.
<Maxwell> Ahh I see.
<Maxwell> That would make sense.

<Maxx> "This Time Of Your Card Thirteen"
<Maxwell> you have no idea what that means do you?
<Maxx> No, I don't know exactly what it means.
<Maxx> Which was why I was trying to make some connections.
<Mobuis> Adios.
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<Daniel> Card XIII is the death card in Tarot, isn't it?
* Maxwell nods
<Daniel> Found it.
<Maxx> Good find, Daniel.
<Daniel> XX is Judgement
<Rimblade> XXX is whiskey.
* Rimblade has quit IRC (Vanished: Web IRC Disconnected.)
<Daniel> XIV was Temperance, etc.
<Daniel> I posted The Moon, Judgment, and Death.
<Maxwell> you are missing one
<Daniel> What was the last number, Maxx? XIV?
<Maxx> 13, 16, 18, 20
<Daniel> Search "Card XVI tarot" in google.
<Daniel> Then post which one it looks like to you.
<Daniel> I didn't see it, so I can't accurately post it.
<Daniel> I think it's that though.
<Maxwell> you would think wrong
<Maxx> So, 16.  It's the Tower.
<Daniel> Yeah.
<Daniel> I found a really cool looking one too:
<Maxx> a.k.a. "boomstick"
<Maxwell> so, you got the images.
<Daniel> So, Death, Judgment, The Moon, The Tower
<Maxwell> it only took hours.
<Daniel> 40 minutes for me. >_>
<Maxx> But, we have them.  That's the important part.
<Dale|Lunch> Anyone care to fill me in? Since you obviously solved it.
<Daniel> It's four tarot cards.
<mistermafio> maxwell fulcanryst asked me to ask you why you are ignoring him
<Daniel> Do we need to do a tarot reading now, Maxwell?
<Maxwell> beacuse I have him set on ignore?
<Maxwell> You can do whatever you want.
<Maxwell> You found the images, good for you.

<Dale|Lunch> Now what?
<Maxwell> Does this mean anything?
<Maxwell> No, finding the images means nothing.
<Maxwell> But if you can why the images are displayed, you will know something.
<Maxwell> tell me why*

<mistermafio> incomming message for maxwell: <FulcanRyst> Tell him if he unbans me I'll leave him alone.
<Dale|Lunch> ((There's such a thing as PM.))
* Dale|Lunch is now known as Dale
<mistermafio> don't kill the messager (please)
<Daniel> It represents the coming of The'Galin bringing an ending to the current world, and the beginning of a new one?
<Maxwell> What is "it"
<Maxwell> Every card has a meaning.

<Daniel> Death, sorry.
<Maxwell> wrong
<Daniel> Is there a certain order they must be done in to be right?
<Maxwell> There is no right, it is what you think it means.
<Maxwell> I wont be telling anyone.

<Daniel> Ok.
<Maxwell> The meaning is your clue, if you wish to accept it.
<Maxwell> There is more than one way to read the cards after all.

<Maxx> The Tower represents a "great change" so possibly the Awakening of the Avatar Hope within each one of us.
<Daniel> Well, Death is Ending, Transition, Elimination, Inexorable forces.
<Daniel> The Moon can mean Fear, Illusion, Imagination, Bewilderment.
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<Maxwell> This is your insight to the future, it is up to you to read the cards if you want to find your clues.
* Daniel notes Maxwell is using Wikipedia *
<Maxwell> Good luck.
<Maxwell> No, I am using a link posted on the topic.
<Maxwell> Wikipedia has a few cards wrong.
<Maxwell> Death for example.
<Daniel> Ok.
<Maxwell> Good luck Avatar, I must be going.
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