Neuroscience, neuropsychology, psychotherapy are new to Viet Nam, we have
neurology department in many hospitals but we don't have much neuroscience research such as: functional MRI, neurobiology research...
In psychotherapy, we have started to have some centers and departments in different hospitals in the two biggest cities but it is still very new to many people. Many people with psychological disturbances or psychiatric disorders need psychotherapy along with other therapeutic ways but psychotherapy seems to be luxury to them!
In terms of autism, the number of children who come to the hospitals or clinics to have examination are increasing markedly, there are many centers and special schools around the cities, it is important to have scientific activities for the professionals. We have a lot of changes in this field, we need to learn more and more as well.
This website was designed to provide knowledge, learn and exchange information among mental heatlh professionals.

Phan Thieu Xuan Giang, MD
Neuropsychiatry- developmental pediatric department
Phu My orphanage
SantaMaria Clinic