Anthroposophy has provided a new basis for psychology and psychological therapies. It brings the understanding of the eternal individuality of man, who develops through repeated incarnations on earth bringing with him certain aims and tasks for his life. It acknowledges the working of a spiritual world and is based on a concrete anthroposophic psychosomatic (organ based) and psychologic (soulbased) insight into human nature. It is seen that next to a certain destiny and karmic inheritance, we develop ourselves in freedom out of our own insights and experiences in life. In research and therapies strenghtening the I is the main objective, so that the human being can take hold of his life as best as possible.

Anthroposophic psychology and psychological therapies have a broad work field. From psychological research to counselling and psychotherapy, from biography work and self development to clinical psychotherapy and psychiatry.

On this site we hope to clarify the different work fields and give an overview of the locations and requirements of the various trainings. Next to this overview we hope to start a platform for connecting and support for students and profesionals together with the Jung Mediziner Forum and the interdisciplinary activities.

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