Jung's Personality Theory

            Carl Jung,a psychiatrist who developed a theory based around eight personality types, was highly influenced by the findings and work of Sigmund Freud. The two met in 1907 in Vienna and formed a relationship tight enough for Freud to invite Jung to the Clark Conference in 1909. The two men studied each other and compared their data. Soon, both of them began to differ in their analysis process and began to go separate ways. Freud had a major impact on Jung's thoughts and led to his theory of personality.

    Jung began his explanation of personality by stating four functions first. When mixed with one of two attitudes, these functions formed eight personality types. The four functions included feeling, thinking, sensation, and intuition. Feeling is the persons ability to understand objects. Thinking allows a human to understand objects. Sensation is when a human knows something exists. Intuition is knowing something exists but not knowing where they learned that.


Jungs eight personality types include: 

 Extroverted Thinking Humans are able to see the world through complex and solid ideas but these complex ones often handed down or moved on by others. These people often work in math and science fields.
 Introverted Thinking Humans see how the world works in a subjective and creative way. This analysis is based off of internal knowledge. These people often work in science field as well. 
 Extroverted Feeling Humans base their judgements on factual, known information. They form their assessments on social values and beliefs. These people often work in business fields and politics.
 Introverted Feeling Humans base their feelings on emotional feelings and beliefs. These people often work in the art field.
 Extroverted Sensing Humans looks at the world and interpret reality. They see what is going and go with it. They are not infulenced by other opinions. These people often work as taste testers or proof readers.
Introverted Sensing  Humans look for a hidden message or meaning to something. They do not just look at something and see it being there without a reason. These meanings are based on internal reflection. These people often work in the art field as well.
 Extroverted Intuitive Humans base their meanings of things on facts rather than feelings. They avoid their senses. These type of people are usually inventors.
Introverted Intuitive  Humans are usually based on their inner desires. They find warmness through subjective ideas. These people usually work as artists or religious figures.