Sheldon's Personality Theory

William Sheldon's Personality Theory was created in 1942.  He Did not draw inspiration from other theories. He developed a theory of which are three basic body types, each associated with personality characteristics.  The strengths and weaknesses of this theory are that it shows the characteristics of male body types, but the weakness is that it does not show the female body types. 

Body Types

  • Focused on: Digestive System, particularly the stomach (endoderm).
    • Round Shape
    • Soft Body
    • Has More Body Fat
    • Wide Hips
  • Endomorph's are more likely to be more physically bigger and have greater body fat percentage.  They consist of having being well behaved with the love of food and a loving personality.  They are relaxed and both tolerant and sociable.

  • Focused on: Musculature and the circulatory system (mesoderm).
    • Rectangle Shape
    • Muscular Body
    • Little Body Fat
    • Great Posture
    • Thick Skin
  • Mesomorph's are more likely to be more active as well as energetic.  They are also very muscular causing them to be more assertive, and aggressive. They like to be adventurous and are not afraid to take risks or chances.

  • Focused on: Nervous system and the brain (ectoderm).
    • Thin & Tall
    • Soft/Frail Body
    • Very Little Body Fat
    • Lack of Muscle
    • Young Appearance
  • Ectomorph's are more likely to be artistic and self conscious about themselves.  They are likely to more sensitive as well.  They tend to be more "anti-social" and keep to them selves rather then be with someone.