The Philosopher Marco Aurélio Dias

Shows that the artist is not a unit mass

     The Philosopher Marco Aurélio Dias created a curious building in São Lourenço, Minas Gerais. It is known as House of Particles. Their intention was to demonstrate that the mass of an object does not constitute a unit. Every mass is a diversity of particles which are subdivided. Never come into physical contact. There is always a space between them. The particles are between themselves psicoenergética interaction that provides information to the database evolution. Marco Aurélio Dias has always been passionate about the particles. The oscillatory motion of the particles of the unified mind field capture all the information of comfort or discomfort of living units and articulate adaptations.

Coated with pieces of tile

     The curious construction is coated with pieces of tile and small stones to give the impression that it is actually composed of separate particles and not in a uniform and compact mass.
     Some statues also by the artist seem to be thinking this tropic of Science and observing the diversity of separate particles which form the mass of any body, appalled by the illusion of life that makes us think that we are a concrete mass and not a temporary particleboard which will separate. See Construction

Marco Aurélio Dias and the theory of Super Mind

     The psychology of Marco Aurélio Dias proposes the existence of a unified mind field. People do not have their own mind. There is an "I am" real nowhere in the universe. The Super Mind is not an entity. Does not have an "I am". It is simply an integrated and multidimensional mental activity that promotes a psychic interaction between all units of life. This exchange of information provides the evolution of the universe, the genetic evolution of species, mutation, adaptation... The language of psychic particles contains a wealth of invaluable information. All living things produce continuous and automatic information. This information autointeragem and form biological, bioenergetic and biochemical findings. These self-generated conclusions from the synthesis of information psicoenergéticas trace the evolution of the guidelines.