Mark E. Berg

Ph.D. (University of Canterbury) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Perceptual category learning, experimental analysis of behavior, history of psychology, motivation, comparative cognition.
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John Bulevich

Ph.D (Washington University) - Assistant Professor of Psychology
Memory Distortion, Eyewitness Testimony, Metacognition, Retrieval Processes, Aging.

David C. Burdick

Ph.D. (University of Notre Dame) - Professor of Psychology
Adult development and aging, technology and aging, intergenerational relationships, applied gerontology, mental health and aging.

Christine Ferri

Ph.D. (Duke University) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Geropsychology, abnormal psychology, psychotherapy, positive psychology, statistical methods.

Jessica Fleck

Ph.D. (Temple University) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Brain, behavior and cognition, problem-solving, working memory, creativity, statistics, research methods.

Rob Foels

Ph.D. (Syracuse University) - Assistant Professor of Psychology
Social Psychology, Prejudice and Discrimination, Social Cognition, Ideologies, Gender, Social Identity.

Michael L. Frank

Ph.D. (State University of New York at Albany) - Professor of Psychology
Statistics, mathematical models, motivation, research methods, gambling and risk taking behavior.

Christine A. Gayda-Chelder

Ph.D. (Drexel University), Assistant Professor of Psychology:  health psychology, clinical neuropsychology, traumatic brain injury, dementia, caregiver burden.

Sonia V. Gonsalves

Ph.D.(Temple University) - Professor of Psychology and Director of the Institute of Faculty Development
Educational psychology, statistics, research methods, psychological and educational testing, experimental psychology, adolescence, learning.

Zornitsa Kalibatseva
Ph,D. (Michigan State University) - Assistant Professor of Psychology
Clinical psychology, cross-cultural psychology, assessment, depression, cultural competency, race, ethnicity, and acculturation.

Cheryl R. Kaus

Ph.D. (The Pennsylvania State University) - Professor of Psychology and Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Successful aging, gerontological education, program development and evaluation.

David Lester

Ph.D. (Brandeis University), Ph.D. (Cambridge U.) - Distinguished Professor of Psychology
Abnormal psychology, personality, psychological testing, theories of counseling.
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 Jennifer A. Lyke
Ph.D. (Temple University) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Counseling psychology, research methods, abnormal psychology, eating disorders, states of consciousness.


Sara Martino

Ph.D. (Temple University) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Counseling psychology, illness-related stress disorders, female aggression, gender group identity, psychology of women, marriage and family therapy.
 Justin Ostrofsky
Ph.D (The Graduate Center of the City University of New York) – Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
Perception, attention and memory-based processes supporting the ability to realistically draw objects from observation, statistics, research methods and cognitive psychology. Site Link

Elizabeth Shobe

Ph.D. (University of Toledo) - Professor of Psychology
Cognition, learning theories, experimental psychology, statistical methods, evolution and behavior.

Marcello Spinella

Ph.D. (City University of New York) - Professor of Psychology
Physiological psychology, clinical neuropsychology, psychometrics, psychopharmacology, herbal medicines, executive functions, addiction, aging and mental health. Site Link

Connie Tang

Ph.D. (University of Wyoming) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Child and adolescent development, social cognition, psychology and the law, culture and cognition, research methods.
 Keith B. Williams
Ph.D. (University of Minnesota) - Associate Professor of Psychology
Educational psychology, social psychology, educational testing and measurement, individual differences.
 John H. White
Ph.D. (North Texas State University) - Professor of Psychology
Sex crimes, violent crimes, police psychology, forensic psychology, criminal profiling.

Kaite Yang
Ph.D. (Princeton University) - Assistant Professor of Psychology
Social Sensitivity, ambiguous social feedback, gender and personality, thought speed, emotion, creativity, and meta-analysis.