The JazzMann
*** (3/5)
"An adventurous offering with much worthy of praise, not least the contribution of guest trumpeter Guy Barker."
Ian Mann gives a frank, detailed and much-valued review of each track on the album.
"The music is a mix of instrumentals and songs, the latter featuring intelligent, sometimes enigmatic lyrics that scratch at the surface of human relationships."
Of coarse, as the writers and performers of the material, we don't always agree with Ian's interpretations of some of the songs...
"...the self consciously hip lyrics and Karen’s mannered vocal performance don’t really work for me..."
But we nevertheless greatly appreciate the time that Ian has taken to listen to, and review, the album.
"“Psychodrama” is lovingly crafted with some excellent playing and singing from all involved."
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Fatea's favourite jazzers, Zoo, are back with a new album, "Psycho Drama" and have managed to persuade top trumpet man, Guy Barker, to come along for the ride. It's an album with fire like qualities, warm and welcoming only to suddenly spring into life with blistering solos and then threaten to burn the house down with some real sharp interplays. It's an accessable album, full of contrasts and tangents that allow you to explore the songs and pick up on the finer points of some silkly smooth arrangments without leaving you feeling like you've over indulged.
 **** (4/5)
 An album produced with special guest Guy Barker for eight of the 12 tracks, and these eight are definitely the best of an otherwise good bunch. The album builds a picture in the listener's mind of a sleazy jazz club, containing excellent trumpet and maybe symbolising a change in the music zeitgeist of a resurgence in jazz as mainstream.