(paul biggins)
>>disguyse>> (mp3, 2.8Mb)
i like the novelty of being with you
the notoriety of being in your crew
i like the craziness of hanging around
the sheer laziness of playing your sound
you try to tell then you're not nice
but i think that cuts no ice
you're putting on a great disguise
but i can see behind those brown eyes
i like the time we spend driving around
with the roof down and the stereo up loud
i like the looks we get from people in the know
whether we're just solo or when we're in a crowd
you're so gentle and so kind
so generous of heart and mind
so delicate and so refined
could it be that love is blind?
you're in the studio laying down some tracks
i'm sitting at the back listening to your voice
you're at the bbc checking out the sound
i'm just hanging around, it's my choice
this is all some crazy game
they don't like you, they like your fame
like moths attracted to a flame
and you don't even know my name...