What we need is programs to empower people not "mandatory this" and "mandatory that"
if unemployed people had more resources
Give them the money not further empowering employers with grant schemes that make
it easier for employers to hir...See more
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  • Stephen Jones As a recipient of such "training" ( read time penalty ) programs for over 50's i can attest they are mostly about penalising people with a "make work for them or else" process that makes it harder to have self worth unless the training is adequate and properly measured ...... ie if you already have the english/math skills you will still be targeted just so they can show that your "off the dole" ... Its obvious underhandedness by the government and work agencies
  • Stephen Jones How about a scheme to teach people how to use less instead of one that tells them they are useless to big business

    The more we have schemes to belittle peoples time and energy the more rebellious youth wil l become please remember that we have to make training relevant to peoples life not just for business expansion and consumer extremism monetary policies...... a program where they could meditate for 16 hours to show the same donation to the community as a alternative to the same scheme perhaps ............. but its the same old same old from the conservatives they impoverish the people of wealth and now more and more inroads into their time if they refuse to work for McDonalds or some other corp like Google that sends most of its wealth overseas via tax havens.