Chromium component for Delphi 32 bit um this is a plug in for Delphi to compete with older TWebBrowser with built in multi tasking for each page ( so hung web pages don't hang the browser ) 
Todo ...... need to implement this part.......  its written so i can use it under windows 32 bit session on Virtualbox so you dont have to have a big title bar

Link on Google Docs to this program ( codename Quack XOR ist  here to download quaXORist ) as it will do XOR processing ( reverses pixel colors like image below shown running in VirtualBox on Linux Mint )

..... got rid of the old tool bar and put a more useful one.

um add the binary at the bottom of the page first ( I forgot to include the exe in the main archive but that's cool as its really big and need not be there.  Just copy it from the archive below to the directory made above or it won't work ( first archive has dll's or library files that the program needs to function )

Stephen P,
30 Jul 2013, 20:19