all things ROT13 for your browser and keyboard

Time New ROT13 ( font for rotated text click for larger )

NOTE ALL TECHINIQUES HERE ARE DANGEROUS IF USED UNWISELY (with regards Linux Chrome extension and other programs on this site ) im making no statement to any purpose or otherwise. Also don't forget to use a virus checker on all internet file downloads :) I take all care but we don't know what NSA injects into our packets ...

Some browser based website changing tools ( rot13 and plain text versions 
 plain text example  replaces all text on webpages visited with We are Anonymous )
Rot13 fonts called Time New ROT13 um then in Chrome go to menu ->settings->show advanced -> web conten -> fonts and select times new ROT13 from the list or the font at the bottom of the page Font13 (sans serif style) supplied free by the fontgrill th font is Copyright © 2011 by Tobin Strong.  Its a interesting hack but doesn't work very well for webpages (basically they are all different and then you get some text encripyted and some not ) my plugin is a better option if you want consistent results ) to get your text editor (pluma gedit etc) copy the font13.ttf file to /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ and then pluma will recognise it.

rot13 below encrypted example of my main page from inside web browser Chrome

ROT13BOT um my rot13 Chrome browser ( Linux version only as it seems Windows is too dangerous to run scripts on in Chrome ) extension for encrypting text from internet pages using Google's browser.  Just a toy at the moment to test some javascript.  Click on the down arrow next to the file below to download

 ( old help here see help below ....For general users download rot13bot.crx and click on it your browser should recognise it and install it automatically um just found out this isn't the case um you have to drag and drop it onto the extensions screen or you get a "can't install crx from this website " security something.)

For Developers extract the zip file then install via the extensions page ( make sure you click developer mode on that page then load unpacked extension then browse to the directory you unzipped rot13bot to and then go inside it to find a directory 1.0.01 something ... version number changes but its the only one there .... then ok button ) 

um yeah just try it.  Um if you want to test the code before you install then select all the text in the keyboard_leopard.js and paste it into the chrome extension JQuery should do the trick.
another one is if you change the line in the keyboard_leopard.js with a text editor like gEdit or Notepad
Oh and a certain bugginess in the plugin architecture if your plugin has a version directory like 1.0.7 or something then when you install in the browser sometimes its not reconised the manifest.json file not found or is not loadable. To fix that just copy the files to the root of the plugin directory.

from this line = rot13(;
  to  this line = 'We are Anonymous... repeal VLAD laws no putin needed in our country';
no VLAD = Vicious Lawless Anti De-establishment bill Ha what idiot thought up that name ....

Page under CC ( creative commons ) another program i have written this time for windows its dogpound47
updated dogpound ......... now called Cicada here

or other plugin helpers like anon chat

and light text obfuscaters like ObfuBot and ObfuPad ( windows version of notepad for Rot13 and Obfubot )

a windows suite of tools for Facebook keys encryption

7/8/15 added ROT13 keyboard driver for windows ( allows you to type in ROT13 if you are a touch typist ) to files  below see copyright inside file click on picture below for install screenshot

0. run setup.exe file in archive .
1. go to start menu go to Control Panel then to Regional and Language Options
2. select Languages tab at the top then click on Details button
3. enable Language bar to get a keyboard selecter on the desktop for ease of use

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