this is the updated version of the RTS program development demonstration August 2 2008

some textures etc

fighters.exe  these are the jet fighters

avi.exe for the wheel platforms and fighter animations

backgrounds.exe and of course the lovely gimp generated backgrounds for terrain and explosions.

 Fighter Bomber specification screen showing data views.

 This image shows some details from the full source version that isn't available yet as i haven't added all the  code yet to the main tree. It shows the main base with wheel Platforms attacking some Anubisat Bombers. The picture is scaled down to half original size to make it easier to view on the web the actual size of the playing area is ten thousand by ten thousand pixels. The bottom right area is Anubisat's Zuggurat.


The circle versus the pyramid continues in episode 2 the ruler of the Great Circle Energy versus The Pyramid Force in Osymandius's quote from a recent movie (The Watchmen) to paraphrase Ozzy........

Behold ye great ones view my creation and dispair.........