LegitIncense ( not in archive ) is my first saver using graphics32 library for Delphi32
and my other free as in open source ( no adds or malware stuff ) mystic saver collection item

Mystic Cactus

A xscreensaver under Mint ( install separately ) called Noof that prompted my experimentation with graphics32 library and creation of the saver above called Mystic Cactus.

I am trying to port it to win32 using Delphi32 and Graphics32 library. ( Done see archive below )

oh and it comes with a Moonbase alpha saver based on the 70s series UFO ( warning unidentified flying object approaching )

And further back in time to the 20's for this cool art Deco clock

Other xScreensaver desktop wallpapers using GLeidoscope screenshots and textures
or Older glscene based savers here windows saver install help here ( search engine tags noof windows screensaver )
Stephen P,
11 Jun 2013, 19:00