Paint shop pro tips for Windows 7 users ..... recently i got a second hand win 7 machine and my favourite old Paint Shop Pro didn't want to do proper screen shots any more .... Hmm what is the problem little program? i looked on the internet for programs that do some screen shots or using the PrtScn button but i don't have that key as i use a tiny keyboard without it as my desktop is too cluttered .... hmm so PSP is not doing it and PrtScn isnt either ..... then i started playing about with themes and thought i may give High Contrast a go as it probably uses less graphics memory and may help my problem .... low and behold full screen works now here is the shot i took from PSP ....
hmm Google Chrome is not letting me insert image to this page... brb going Linux.... ah its ok working now ....

its a grainy image but you get the picture just crank down the res of your screen and you can fix the problem for older 16 bit programs but the res is still ok a nice 1920 x 1080 for my LG monitor

Oh also their is a Windows XP compatibilty mode i haven't played with yet that may be easier lol
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