PGP help for Linux ( June 2015 underline characters are commands to execute on terminal window ) 
sudo apt-get install gpa gnupg2
gpg - -gen-key

select option 1 from the question asked

select "key does not expire"

y to accept

enter your name and email and comment then enter

enter your passphrase

now you can wait as the program makes random stuff from your keyboard activity

now you can run the GNU Privacy Assistant and manage or export your keys
sudo gpa
Click on the keypair you just created, click ‘Keys’ up at the top, then ‘Export keys…
Select where you want it saved, enter a filename, and click ‘Save’
Open in Pluma or your favourite editor and there is your key !!!

Other links ... how to hide your key using a windows program i wrote called Key to Words....

ObfuKey2words to hide your Facebook public encryption keys...
or Anti-surveillance state or on twitter use the hashtag #stopStateTerrorism