How to sha sha with Google and Windows

This is a page about generating a master passphrase for both Google and Windows XP password managers one ring to rule them all !!! some unbiased background info on ciphers like Blowfish from Wikipedia

1. Hasher ( a Chrome extension from Google store for creating hashes for easy password complexity generation ) just click on the hash button next to the sign in part to make a hash of your text ( you can paste it later next your original text to add extra complexity ) 


1. ObfuCrypt 
 ( windows XP program for creating hashes for easy password complexity  generation ) like the picture above the dialog box below has a button to extend your password with hashes this one is located top right hand corner and is invisible but you can see it when it is functioning after you click on it )

Running in a Windows XP virtual machines

Note any person downloading it in countries where encryption is banned or seen as a weapon must not download or use this software ( North Korea etc )
ObfuBot and ObfuPad
Stephen P,
13 Oct 2015, 21:26