ObfuBot adn ObfuPad adn ObfuBack

No viruses, malware, spyware, registration or any information requirements that are other than the normal operation of programs such as saving settinges etc, hidden fees or charges etc just pure home grown open source and free programs ( but check the MD5 linux hash using the program md5sum on ObfuPad.zip gives 40be1d47a1407de530eabc56f926e10c on this version updated today if you didn't get the program here or just want to be safe and check anyway )
for graphics doing anti bot style backgrounds like lines, boxes and camos etc and crypto enthusiasts. The picture generator implements watermarks and other security devices to make your banner useful for your users  to verify your sites images and to implement anti bot scanning of your text.

ObfuBot = script for obfuscation
ObfuPad = program for banners
ObfuBACK = screensaver and password wallet using SHA256 ( for windows XP )

Goal of this hack? to make a website ( perhaps ) and plugin that returns light human readable encrypted text.... possible uses? just to stop your boss who sometimes reads over your shoulder ..... you can say hmm boss just looking for jobs in Greece lol then you can go back to your vital work of developing crypto and looking at activist pages on twitter !!!

result after using plugin on Start page search for the term "Wikipedia encryption" ( click on image below for large version image )
function reverse(s){
    return s.split("").reverse().join("");

Um from memory the code that is relevant is the part that has b.charAt[i] = s.reverse.charAt(i) this does the reverse by calling the function above called function reverse(s)

 then the next like b[0] = s[0] does the first letter of the word
and b[s.length-1] = b[s.length-1] does the last letter of the word.

so lets start with the word "encryption"
it then is reversed to become  "noitpyrcne"

then "noitpyrcne" becomes "eoitpyrcnn" by changing the first and last letters back ( to make it more readable)

Eoitpyrcnn - Widepikia,idepolcycne eerf eht a

I,yhpargotpyrc n eoitpyrcnn .ti daer nac seitrap dezirohtua ylno taht yaw a hcus ni noitamrofni ro segassem gnidocne fo ssecorp eht si Eoitpyrcnn .. fo ton seod.

then as you can see in the picture above for the Start Page results but a  observant person may say hmm but your have done the whole string!!! instead of each word ...... well the rest is left for a exercise for the learner ha ha

Split a string into an array of substrings:

var str = "How are you doing today?";
var res = str.split(" ");

The result of res will be an array with the values:


if you can't work it out have a look at the code its working there ..... hmm the hardest part was remembering that strings are immutable in Javascript !!!!
var str = "hello world";

I need something like


    var str = 'Hello World';
    str = setCharAt(str,4,'a');

function setCharAt(str,index,chr) {
    if(index > str.length-1) return str;
    return str
I use reverse because i don't want to juggle to arrays until i know more about javascript and editing environment
Below is a picture ( click for larger ) of ObfuPad a program to do quick and dirty transforms and save them on Windows XP its open source under GPL 3 download the file ObfuPad.zip below for binary and Delphi source. Added on september 2015.

other Javascript plugins for Chrome i have written

Rabbit tools ( short cuts for Chrome to pages i use a lot links to facebook, twitter, and gmail ) also how to install the tools here with pictures :)
and Delphi language programs like Cicada
AnonChat a chat engine using Diffie Helman authentication coming real soon now

My key is here

 the index.txt is a dictionary that is formatted in CSV (comma separated values ) hmm so you can use your programming skills to right a keyboard driver for windows using system wide Hooks .... another exercise for the user. Note this plugin can work on Linux only... even though there are Chrome browsers on both platforms.
A windows keyboard driver like there is for ROT13 here would be nice for doing it in text editors like notepad so just use ObfuPad for now.

Work history
27 sep 15 fixed save was saving wrong panel and would overwrite your text with nothing
fixed stealth mode now you can change the exe name from ObfuPad.exe to clock.scr (and put it in windows dir ) to hide it from casual view and it will run as a screen saver showing you a clock !! image of the secret password wallet soon to be in the main program are here (  click for larger image and to download test program 
 ObfuCrypt256.zip below )
Here is a picture of the password dialog you can click  on a hidden button top right to access password autocomplete feature ( adds SHA256 hash to password ) click below for larger image.

here it is running in windows xp ( in this case a Virtual Machine but you don't need one to run it ) under Linux the clock is half digital and half analogue :) hint to copy and paste between the VM and host enable paste in the settings for the virtual machine. Note make sure you save your master password and all your information that you enter into this program separately from the program on a paper password book or other backup system .. all care taken but no responsibility for this product.

Note any person downloading it in countries where encryption is banned or seen as a weapon must not download or use this software ( North Korea etc )

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