This is a screen from Linux Mint ( Nadia ) and some shots of APTonCD backup tool
I wrote this help for myself but if others find it helpful then cool it be :)


Here is the taskbar background image i created for the larger font start button click on it for full screen image. Nemo is the new file browser use the zoom function under the view menu to get larger fonts for it after you have changed all the system fonts to 16 ( at least for HDTV purposes ) then right click on the taskbar to properties to change the background image to the one below to get a nice sized start button text. ( don't forget to click on it for full size )

Here is a shot from my notebook fonts are ok now not so small as with the HDMI output showing main menu items.

Minty page  2

Minty page 4

Main page

Now to backup all the deb files but first do these commands Steve to get some useful tools

apt-get install wine
apt-get install virtualbox
apt-get install eclipse
apt-get install gparted
apt-get install chromium-bsu
apt-get install nvidia-current ( if you have a NVidia card )

Now go to Menu -> Administration -> APTonCD and this window is displayed

 after you update your distro click on the Create button on the main screen and you will see the page below dont forget to click on the menu item "auto select dependencies" ( don't look at the size of the files at the bottom of window that is just small because i am doing a demo screenshot but it will look a lot the same if you have Eclipse Programming installed )

Now you can CD into the directory created with Brasio burner called packages on the DVD you just burnt from the ISO created by APTonCD don't worry if it doesn't burn automatically just make a iso file on the hard drive and use Brasio to do the burning from it
Now you can put the DVD in the other machine or Ubuntu based distro you want to upgrade and then do a
dpkg -i *.deb once you can see a list of the files in the directory.  You should see a output like this one. If you have some errors like the one below with libreoffice core then you probably have to download that file from the net I had about 10 packages with errors but they patched up later ok with a download. (still better then the hundreds of megs of files needed before using APTonCD :)