geolocation and IP address hiding

Older info below when i used the Hola plugin now i use the Windscribe plugin  See for a review of Windscribe which has a better free deal of 10 Gig a month if you give them your email or 2 Gig no email option so just keeping the below info for historical interest Windscribe tested under Mint 18 (64 bit ) in Feb 2018 the info below is for 32 bit Mint 16.

install the plugin from the Google site ( needs the latest version of Chrome browser )
first enter the country you wish to come from ( for example for the program to change the location you appear to be from in the browser click on the red fire head icon )
first install Hola from the Chrome Web Store
then restart browser may be needed then click on the icon and select country BEFORE visiting site oh actually each site is remembered so you do the selection after but don't do it during the first session so your sure it loads up before each search. oh and it needs at least Mint 16 to work or at least Win XP .... otherwise its a easy install and fast VPN :) the only downside is it takes a little of your bandwidth for its paid service called Luminati VPN ....

once you have changed it successfully then you can browse from that ip
( from Mexico now click for bigger ) you can go to a ip checker like to see

Click image below for bigger one

Using Hola plugin to stop IP tracking download from needs newest Chrome browser above
um this next pcture is from the #stopdataretention rally

My page about other anti-surveillance tools like TOR and comparison of the new Facebook Onion service with Hola for speed private search engines and the perenial howtofightNSA
and chat engine about surveillance issues and other Chrome plugins like No Woolworths ( part of the No VLAD protest uses in browser deface technology ) and ObfuBot for doing rot13 style transformations of text.