Cherries a short film on non-violence and non-complience with terrorism by government by Free Range Films

First the minster of terrorism comes to the school to announce the new program

The school teacher goes down the corridor unhappy with the new orders

The young men in the school yard argue with the usual intensity of youth about each others appearance etc

The argument continues in the school room as we get a idea of which students will refuse the new orders to train for war instead of being educated in school

The school students are all given envelopes with their names on them and told to wait until all have been given them

Informing them of commencement of military training

One student asks everyone to not comply with the orders and to non-violently resist. As the teacher tells the class that the government is not doing well in the war and all students will now be called up.

One student looks sadly out the window as the conscientious objector runs out the class to the yard

The last image as the hero of the non-violence action runs from the school yard as the military vehicles enter

He is overwhelmed by the positive thing he has done and rests from his running in the park.