Back to camoGIMP tutorial from our tutorial done a few years ago when i wasn't so good at GIMP part 1 for more on creating camo patterns or this tutorial for more on cut. paste and selecting uneven shapes.

This tutorial demonstrates selection by colour and then pasting from the clipboard feature in GIMP also how to remove white marks left over from the select by colour process using Despeckle then fill with a digital camo or SkyCam or both . ( click images below for larger all are Creative Commons License )


 1 ( broadleaf )
 2 ( digital )

3 ( digital light )
4 ( forest )

 5 ( #cowspiracy )
6 ( #cowspiracyDigital )

7 ( sky )
 8 ( tornado )

 Desert Light
Desert Dark
 Desert Light Swirl

 Desert Dark Swirl

Desert Light Digital 
next is the edge detect series same as above but with a faint edge line

Desert Dark Digital
Desert Dark Cookies with just a hint of vegetation

New one this is Outline Cam only green and green twirl at the moment.


or another camo ( normal 3 colour camo that i used to make the Digital one above ) 1 and 2

Tile-able image for your desktop ( Digital camo ) 4

Posterised version ( reduces  colours ) 3

Go to menu after loading your anon plain image then selection by colour and select the white area  a stippled line appears around the image to indicate it has worked correctly.

now we can fill the SkyCam onto the face

and end up with a image like this one below after despeckling it ( go to filters->enhance-despeckle )

or a less intrusive one for places that  ban anons like facebook we flood fill with the blue squares fill in the floodfill options toolbar and select pattern fill. Once selected you can then press the button and a box appears with lots of different pattern icons.

If you want to save your pattern for use in Gimp go to File menu -> export -> Gimp pattern and save it in /usr/share/gimp/2.0/patterns then  next time you  start gimp it will be in the pattern button shown in the tooll bar in the previous picture above.
ok now for a proper Digital camo from start
create some difference clouds ( go to Filters- render -clouds ->difference clouds )
then to colours threshholds and apply  to get a 2 colour camo pattern i call it cow camo

then do Filters - Blur - Pixelise
and do Colours - Threshold
oh and i cut down the Brightness and Contrast under the Colours menu

GIMP and Camos Page 1 spirals, pipes and fans here
Gimp and fonts for camouflage use here
Want something a bit more colourful and psychedelic? try these
xScreensaver desktop backgrounds that i have done here

also is a script below you can copy it from where you download it for example in Mint i can copy it using
cp /home/stephenp/sf-will-camo_0.scm /home/stephenp/.gimp-2.8/scripts/
or all users

cp /home/stephenp/sf-will-camo_0.scm /usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts/
ums it doesn't seem to work in Gimp 2.8 though ...

Stephen P,
30 Jan 2016, 15:55