Glass bricks ( 13 cm by 10cm by 5 cm ) containing a Android PC ( image shows a netduino board for a size comparison and optional hard drive). Click on image for larger size. Glass box is at top of screen below that is a old chocolate box ( thanx mum :) some alternatives to Android for the OS xbmc ( media centre software link )

m i  thing the first brick should go on auction on ebay for the costs of setting up a non-profit 200 for setup fees and not getting hit by government taxes ............... so bear that in mind when bidding :) will put it up on the Gaza  Glass Brick website soon as i can get access to it my link is choppy for now

old picture pre glass case arriving

more pics

Goal for creating Mud bricks for the ppl of Gaza in Palestine using a crowd funding model and selling electronic TV device? Possible candidate is or indiegogo. 20 percent going to creating a mud brick ....... tentative prices below not accepting donations yet.....
 Using Android media PC  these TV bricks to achieve donations to our target.  We will create a glass TV brick made from HDMI/SATA port boards that is conneced to a solid state drive of about 100 gig.  Depends on availability of Android boards with a SATA connection. ( Got one on order )
Mud brick prices?
20 Dollars for a brick     ( gets small perspex cube on key chain this depends on the manufacturing price haven't looked it up yet  any help here would be cool )

200 for a row of bricks   ( gets a Glass Brick for Gaza TV device )

10000 for a home          ( gets to meet Iced White Rabbit or Stephen Jules online and special something )

We aren't associated with that project beyond raising funds idea  and haven't raised funds/approached them for anything yet to see if they approve.
Anybody got some ideas for a project like that? contact me on

A new project by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) aims to build around 120 mud-brick houses for dozens of homeless Gazan families in the next few months. Each house costs about US$10,000 and takes three months to build. Photos: Suhair Karam/IRIN. some pictures of mud brick houses.

I don't condone or otherwise endorse any other types of activism others may do but here are some links in the spirit of open internet info so caveat emptor
with some hacktivist links for ya (y)(y)